a lucky escape!

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    as a young teenager me and myfellow scallywags was bored with the st corner drinking lark so decided on a new venture. one of the boys knew of a car auction and bought a 1.8 vauxhaull astra. MEGA we thought. till the squad followed and put on its blues! shit we was now in a chase with the local constabulary and i had an ounce of slate pollen in my pocket!
    i couldnt through the goods out of the window as it had cost me 70 nicker and it wouldve just landed on plods windscreen anyway.
    only one thing for it. eat the mother fucker!
    i got halfway through washing it down with chocolate milkshake whilst choking.
    to late! the chase was over and we had stopped.
    the filth ordered us out of the car and to lay down on the floor.
    luckilly me being in the back and being a top blagger i pretended there was a child lock and my mate opened the door. as he did this i through the remainding weed under the car and out of sight but more importantly i wasnt in the cells.
    my mate the driver was not so lucky he got his licence took of him and a two year suspended. ah good times!
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