A little innovation of mine - The Gas Mask Bong

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Ironcore, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Ironcore

    Ironcore Member

    I had a gas mask lying around, so I made a bong out of it;
  2. reeferdude

    reeferdude Member

    man that rocks dude i have to hit from one of those sometime, u get fucked with that then????????????
  3. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    I cant see this pic :( , my buddy had a gas mask pipe before, it had 2 bowls and ud put it on and get mad hoots, but the cops confenscated it.
  4. reeferdude

    reeferdude Member

    i hate cops there nothing but PIGS???????????????????????????
  5. reeferdude

    reeferdude Member

    wher can u get them gas masks
  6. Ironcore

    Ironcore Member

    Don’t be fooled, most of the time the hits were far larger than what you see here. You have to wear swimming goggles underneath it or else the smoke will burn your eyes. Yes, it has gotten me fucked many times, sometimes a little too fucked. This device has caused several people to turn green and throw up.
  7. reeferdude

    reeferdude Member

    nice dude really burning ur eyes and ur messing with me giong green i never know auyone went green nor myself .

    good toking
  8. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Man, Ironcore you lived up to your name on this. because that's ironcore! That's sweet dude
  9. Ironcore

    Ironcore Member

    Happy birthday to me!
    Time to toke the first bowl of adulthood.
  10. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    The guy holding the bowl has a unique looking thumb.
  11. Ironcore

    Ironcore Member

    That's too grose for the internet.
  12. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    my friend had a gas mask, and i smoked a bowl out of it once...it was to intense for me at the time. I remember the whole mask just filling with smoke and i was in a complete daze.
  13. Inavacuum

    Inavacuum Senior Member

    Go to one of those army supply stores. They sell like knives, and camo, old army helmets and shit like that. We were looking into getting a gas mask but I guess they new what everyone is really using them for and it cost $90. We were like screw that, we only had like $30 combined and we hadn't bought weed yet either. Survival of the Doughless.
  14. Ironcore

    Ironcore Member

    For some reason the picture is gone from my gallery. I'll fix it later, I have some chilling to do.
  15. hip healer

    hip healer Member

    dude. ive hit a gas mask before. its sooo kickass, one bowl goes fast. i almost passed out one time i was hitting it soooo hard
  16. Ironcore

    Ironcore Member

    Fixed and edited the pic. His thumb was too creepy.
  17. hip healer

    hip healer Member

    duuude, i wanna see the thumb
  18. jimi420

    jimi420 Member

    dude am i seeing things or is the guy holding up the bowl flames??

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