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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by blindside828, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. blindside828

    blindside828 Member

    Ok so,

    I got caught around 4 months ago for smoking. I got F****** in the ya know (my mom took my phone, read my texts), so she flipped out took my car, cell phone, everything. I "lost all my trust", even though I barely got in trouble prior to that. She said she would continue to drug test me periodically, well I continued to smoke anyways walking to school and such (only live a block away) and I thought that by smoking once it would stay in my system for 30 days, so I was waiting a hell of a long time to take a DT.

    Well when i realized I could smoke two or three times a month and not have to worry (along with exercise) I took the first one easily by diluting all day (smoking a week prior) and thought it wouldent be hard to fake it after I passed. Well I knew this wouldent work for any other of the "random" test, so I now have to resort to other measures.

    I was thinking of ordering Klear (if you dont know what it is, it was an additive that would pretty much pass every time for even UA's but they now test for it specifically and along with that the pH and all that gibbergab}. Well, with home tests (which I cant find any information on ANYWHERE about fooling, only UA's by diluting and such) I think this would be the best solution considering it worked everytime for UAs, and all I have to do is strap it on LoL. I'm going to try and purchase the Klear UNLESS anyone else has any suggestions on how I could pass a random at home drug test (I have to have the door cracked).

    Now IF I must order the klear which I have been pondering:

    My first thoughts were too have them ship it to my house using a visa gift card (gift card good idea to house NOT SO MUCH), my parents get mail like crazy and im barely home and dont want to risk it.

    My second thought was to try and open a P.O. box. I failed at this attempt yesterday at the UPS store and this old like 60 year old guy said I must be 21 to open one, correct me if I wrong but I dont think the drinking age and age to have your own mailbox are the same. I have heard that you can open one at a USPS (Postal Service) if you are a minor, but would there be any risks with opening it in general (i.e. sending stuff to my house by accident, should I give them a fake address, would they call my parents for confirmation)

    Can anyone offer me any tips on what I should do, I dont want to quit smoking because it helps me with my anxiety a whole lot and don't feel the need to give it up.

    All of this is so vague and I can't find any info anywhere else on the internet.

    Please don't tell me to stop smoking until I move out, because there's more people that are in my position than yours and they really don't need to hear about it because if I would have felt the need to stop I would have by now. If you were in my shoes you would feel the same way.
  2. Ducky

    Ducky Member

    I didn't read past the first few paragraphs, but how about you just stop smoking for a while? There are other things to do.
  3. Burnt

    Burnt Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I will have to agree with Ducky, stopping smoking is more of a logical solution.
  4. Smokinjuana

    Smokinjuana Member

    The op said not to ask him to stop smoking, but I would try shipping it to a friends house if that is possible
  5. nickers224

    nickers224 Member

    well idk about Klear exactly but most of those things make you drink a shitload of water with them, which basically means this shit doesnt work, drink a bunch of water beforehand

    why go to all the trouble of ordering shit idk how you came up with this long, difficult, dangerous(mail poeple call your parents for comfirmaion, sent to your house on accident) way to pass when water works effectively on cheap home drug tests

    but easiest way is to not smoke dumbass
  6. Rheepublic

    Rheepublic Member

  7. blindside828

    blindside828 Member

    dude there random drug tests, you want me to drink 2 gallons of water a day just to smoke?

    Klear is an additive, meaning you add it to the piss and it kills all the toxins.
  8. blindside828

    blindside828 Member

    I do other things, did i say I smoke all day every day? I smoke maybe once a week on weekends, im looking for a way to pass at home drug test, you obviously don't have to worry about it since you don't live with your parents.
  9. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    it doesn't kill the toxins because the toxins aren't alive, and it doesn't deform them or anything. it just tries to help flush it from your system faster, but faster could be so slow that it really doesn't have any affect.

    just stop smoking, it isn't really that big of a deal.
  10. nickers224

    nickers224 Member

    yeah if your gonna get random drug tested you just gotta stop...
    and if you dont i kinda hope they test you a bunch so you run out of Klear/money to buy more Klear
  11. blindside828

    blindside828 Member

    its funny how people are so pessemistic about kids who try and fake a home-test when the reason there being tested is just as bad the the people who need to fake UA's in order to stay out of jail. If I said this and it would have helped me stay out of jail you wouldent have made that comment. The only reason they are testing me is it because it is "ILLEGAL" should I spell it out for you?


    The same reason why people try and fake tests so they avoid going to jail, so what's the difference?
  12. Burnt

    Burnt Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The average person who has to pass a drug tests to avoid losing something whether it be your parents trust, freedom or a job just usually quit. I quit toking for almost six years due to a job. I found having a steady income was much more important than getting high.
  13. blindside828

    blindside828 Member

    Thank you for a non-condoning answer haha.
  14. nickers224

    nickers224 Member

    well i would hope your parents would not call the cops on you and shit...getting in trouble with your parents is a lot better than going to jail bro
    thats the difference. J-A-I-L is a lot worse than being grounded and such..
  15. polecat

    polecat Weerd

    It's a home test right? Do they watch you piss? If not, either A) smuggle in a (clean) friend's piss and hide it somewhere in the bathroom, or B) use an eye dropper filled with bleach to screw with the results.

    Don't bother trying with detox kits. You usually need at least a few hours notice anyways or the stuff won't work, and if your parents are at all intelligent they won't buy the "I just went to the bathroom" excuse. Plus, if they search your room and find the detox then you'll be completely fucked.

    Or as has been mentioned, quit smoking. If your parents freak out that much it may not be worth it. I got caught a lot of times when I was younger and (like you) refused to stop smoking. Continuing to smoke and lie lost me all of my parent's respect and trust, and I'm just now getting it back. My stubbornness eventually turned my parents into enemies and they didn't deserve that. I won't lecture you, but it might help to really think about the potential impact your decisions will make.
  16. blindside828

    blindside828 Member

    HOw many drops, 1, 2 or like 6 or 7? cause yea there gona have the door cracked.
  17. polecat

    polecat Weerd

    I heard it was just one. Two would be a good idea though.
  18. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    if you're only smoking once a week, you could probably just drink more water all the time and your piss would be dilute. your don't need 2 gallons...maybe 1. water's good for you, but don't over do it, you can get water poisoning or something.

    maybe your parents are bullshitting, and aren't gonna test you at all. what if you fail the first one? will it be a HUGE deal? if that happens then you could always try another idea later.
  19. blindside828

    blindside828 Member

    Ehhhh about that haha,

    I tried using my friend's pee the first time I too the test, and obviously my mom heard me fumbling around and I got caught. I then abstained for 30+ days and passed no problem, gaining several privelages back. I then took another one, passed. Took another and passed. Now im just tired of taking them over and over again for no reason.

    So for people saying that I should respect my parents and do what they say, I do. I have never gotten in trouble before in my life, the thing that pisses me off is I lost ALL my trust because of a PLANT.

    When my dad found out he had my neighbor take me down to the police station, get finger printed, go through the process of being arrested, chained up blah blah photo blah blah, and its all for nothing. Thanks to our horrible government.
  20. Ducky

    Ducky Member

    I do live with my parents... and you don't have to smoke everyday to take a break. I wouldn't risk my relationship with my parents over smoking weed if I were you.

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