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Discussion in 'Art' started by lkshdkljh, Jan 25, 2005.

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    I love art it is one of my best tallents. I love to sit down and doodle at times, or just make a wonderful peice of art work. Latley though, I have come acrossed computer art. Making little ppl in paint and then making them move with the flash programs you can buy. This is very easy for me to do and I enjoy doing it. I know that the computer part can not be a career because I just so happen to drop from school in the 9th grade. So I was thinking of paintin a bunch of odd pictures and traviling acrossed a state selling them on the streets. Is this against the law? Should I reconsider? Heh But yeah the reason I am writing this post is to get your comment on do you think art can make you money before you die? I know there are alot of rich ppl out that that do art but do they have degrees in school or they like me wearing a broom skirt , tank top ,and no shoes in the winter. Can I make my life dreams come true, or should i start another lifes challenge and say forget that! :)
  2. i dont know, but i was thinking of selling drawings this summer, or doing portriats for people(granted if i get better)...

    i dont think it always takes a degree to do the job you want, only in the corp world.

    good luck!
  3. lkshdkljh

    lkshdkljh Member

    thanks for the good luck and good luck on your lifes mission too! PEACE!!

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