A letter from Michael Berg

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by skip, May 21, 2004.

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    Johnny2mad actually makes good points. These people are Muslim extremists, they hate Christians and Jews. The SS analogy is dead on.

    There's a point where I feel sorry for Michael Berg for loosing his son in the manner that he did. It doesn't take me long to cross that point and realize that this jackass is making this a political issue, to say he needs to be shaken is an understatement. He blames George Bush for his son's death, while he is absolutely sure that these murderers had respect for his son. THAT IS UN-AMERICAN.
  2. razm

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    [​IMG] Wait a minute, now maybe I'm seeing something that everyone else is not, but why is skip allowed to edit his posts in this forum while we are not? Is it not just a matter of convenience skip? What's going on here?
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    He's the moderator over all the forums. Although, I see nothing wrong with editing our own posts.
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    NO! The UN-AMERICAN thing as you say would be to not do anything.. to let your son/daughter die in vein...His letter isn't political..it's him venting on what happened to his son and why..his son went there to help, it was also a job... we don't know the circumstances of why he went there, maybe he felt he needed to be there..this war is nothing but one fucked up mess now..and why?? because of our dumbass government that's why..and the very people who still back our so called president..what is the point of backing him up anymore? what is the reason? You can't keep backing up his lies and manipulations of why this war is still going on..and why so many innocent people have lost their lives..I have read and reread several different posts, it's ironic some people think we are over there because of 9/11 well what the hell does Saddam haveta do with it..not a damn thing it was Osama!..Give me one damn good reason why we are still over there? cause I don't have a clue! yes, we got Saddam outta there..but come on that was months ago..This war hasnt solved anything..all it has done is taken so many innocent lives..and what have we to show for it? we have saddam wooo that's a lot compared to the many lives that have been lost..I'm sick of this war, I'm sick of watching the people that has suffered because of this war..and it's not just our innocent people that have been killed, it's theirs too..little kids, people who only live there just as we live here..Our government does what they want, and only lets us hear what they want us to hear..and i'm sick of listening to the endless bullshit that has come from this war..vote for BUSH.. if you want to keep this war going..and keep our America as it is today..I want NO part of it..cause it's all one fucked up Political Mess! But I know when it comes to election time, I will vote and it won't be for Bush! I won't just whine and complain..I will do something about it, Vote..and try to get him OUT!..and i suggest anyone that wants him out do the same.. or we may be in for even worse the next time he is voted in. ~Peace~
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    Meanwhile, one of the actual 911-related terrorists has been set free, given airfare to the terrorist base of his choosing, and was even fed a good meal so that he wouldn't be hungry while planning a "spectacular" attack against the USA. You certainly can't say George Bush doesn't take care of those who promote his policies!

    I guess that shouldn't surprise us. After all, Bush's buddy Ahmad Chalabi is apparently an Iranian spy, and Chalabi and Bush are so close that... the only way they might get closer is if Bush gets pregnant by Chalabi! HERE is the story

    If you fear Islamic extremists, you'd better fear Dubya Bush, because he's among their dearest supporters. So, 'publicans, wanna 'splain this one without resorting to three grunts, a burp, and a chant of "USA, USA, USA..."
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    i agree the velvet.

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