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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by serra, May 27, 2004.

  1. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    ok, so i lied. not really a fun at all, but if you could shed any light on the subject... :)

    sometimes when my boyfriend and i are having sex i get these pains. they feel kind of like gas pains/ bloating and are in my lower abdomen. but i only feel them when i am in certain positions or we are on certain angles. i didn't always get them, but now i do almost all the time.

    when he is on top and i am kind of smushed into a ball, when i am on my back on the edge of the bed and he is kneeling on the floor and my legs are up (feet on his chest-ish) and if i am on top and try to sit up vertically are the positions it happens in, that i can think of offhand.

    i think its just some sort of weird miscelanous gas or something, but i would really like them to go away! the positions are all really good ones but the pains make them hurt so much i can't do it! should i tell a doctor or should i just ignore them??? thanks girls!
  2. pandiebeer

    pandiebeer Member

  3. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    hehehe ...... sex farting. sorry. that's just the image that popped into my head. :eek:
  4. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    Is it more in the middle of your abdomen, or on the side? More specifically, could it be in your ovaries? I had the same prob, and my gyno told me that I had a cyst on my ovary. Nothing too scary, it went away with BC pills.
  5. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    when you stopped taking them or started taking them? i have been on BC for a long time now. (almost 2 years steadily, anyways.)
  6. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    it could also be due to endometriosis..
  7. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    When I started.
  8. akhc

    akhc Member

    could be endometriosis.. are your periods also painful? ah.. just noticed u're on bc so that could well be masking some of the symptoms of endometriosis.. were your periods painful before u started the pill?

    the positions u describe all allow for fairly deep penetration.. it could be that he's just bumping something deep inside.. retroversion of the uterus used to be a fashionable explaination for deep dyspareunia (pain on deep penetration) but I think it's been discredited to an extent now.. could still be that though.
  9. Lilyrayne

    Lilyrayne Chrisppie

    I had this exact same problem. But sex has ALWAYS hurt me if I'm not COMPLETELY in the mood. Moreso as of lately... maybe I have another ovarian cyst. Anyway, it's worth getting checked out, the worst that happens is when they stick a camera up inside you to find out.. and you have to go on BC pills or something for a while. Mine went away after 2 months of BC pills. (I don't take them unless I absolutely have to, and that's about 5 months out of my whole life so far)
  10. AutumnAuburn

    AutumnAuburn Senior Member

    It sounds like he is topping out. I have that problem in certain positions, as well. Tell him to take it slower... Your body may be able to adjust to him, if you relax and he goes slow (mine does). Once it hurts, you tense up and it will keep hurting.
  11. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    thanks everyone for your replies!

    i have an apointment with my new family doctor man in early june so i will be getting all my bits checked out then. What autumn said about him "topping out" sounds possible; sometimes i have managed to be in these positions and it didn't hurt. i have been getting him to stay slower more often lately and it's helped.

    thanks everyone! :)
  12. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Could be due to endo or even Irritable Bowel Syndrome (many womyn who have one, have the other.) In certain positions the penis is pushing your uterus into your intestines, and if you have IBS, it can cause pain and bloating. If it hurts STOP, and try something else. If the pain persists, please do see your doctor. They cannot accurately diagnose Endometriosis without a surgical procedure, but they can treat it without the surgery, if they are pretty sure that is what is it. If the symptoms persist, they will probably want to "scope" you and remove and endometrial "implants" as the growths are called. There is a lot they can do for endo before they have to go in surgically, too.

    I hope you are feeling better.
  13. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    wahhhh! that sounds scary! :eek:
  14. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Serra, I am not saying this IS endo. I would have no way of knowing that, only what to expect if it was. (I have had it, so I have been through it and I am an health care provider.)

    Pain is a signal that something isn't right. Either the position is simply the wrong one for you and your anatomy (in which case, you would have no other symptoms) and you would just NOT use that position anymore, or there is an underlying problem. Endo and IBS are only two of the possibilties. The best thing is to see a doctor and try to find out why you are in pain. Sex isn't supposed to hurt, if it does, it needs to be remedied.

    I hope you are feeling better.
  15. serra

    serra tentacle girl


    i did some reading online and i don't think i have that. the other symptoms aren't apparent, and it doesn't ALWAYS hurt in those positions. i think i will still ask dr. man just to be sure though!
  16. ArtistofPeace

    ArtistofPeace Senior Member

    Hey Serra! I think I know what you're talking about. That same pain happens to me sometimes too, but only in certain positions. It's so annoying because it almost ruins the mood, and it hurts! I don't really know what to tell you to do, but you seem to be doing the right thing by going to see a doctor. Good luck with it all, and hey...let us know what it is!

    Peace :)
  17. nightmarehippygirl

    nightmarehippygirl LEVI'S MOMMY

    i asked my dr about this, and she said she hears it alot. she said its something like a pulled muscle in the pelvic area. she gave me some excercises (not kegels) to strengthen the area. (i woulda done them, if i hadn't have forgotten them right away...oops).
  18. PsyChOStaLk3r

    PsyChOStaLk3r Member

    maybe im confused and if i am tell me,,,but im pretty sure u sed it happens in the feet to shoulder position type of deal well the same hting happens to me all the time lolz

    hahahahaha its just a pain in the neck mannn

    slow and steady is the key
  19. peaceful420

    peaceful420 Member

    I absolutely love that picture you have. I think it's gorgeous. I just wanted to say that I love it.

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