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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by MentalFloss, May 17, 2004.

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    My friend, uhh, Roseanne, is in a pretty serious relationship with my other friend, Darlene (for those who have seen roseanne and are having incestual thoughts, disregard them, those are fake names[​IMG]). Roseanne is a junior in high school and is completely ready to tell the world about their relationship, but Darlene, a freshman, is terrified of what people will think of her. This has caused many problems in their relationship. They obviously love each other, but Darlene just can't get past this. Does anyone have any ideas about what they can/should do?
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    i think they should reach a compromise. like only tell the people who know about their sexuality, or the people they know who would be comfortable with it. they don't have to let the world know that they're together, but should be able to trust their close friends. i dealt with this same issue a while back, (i didn't care who knew, she was scared etc etc) and i have to say it is incredibly frusterating and confusing. as long as you are happy together it shouldn't matter who knows and who doesn't, but try to find midground where you're both comfortable.
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    I think Rose is going to have to tolerate Darlenes young age, and fears till she reaches the same wavelenghth
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    I agree with erzebet. If Rose has the ability to wait, that would be best. There's no need to push Darlene if she isnt ready.

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