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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by upsteam46, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. upsteam46

    upsteam46 Member

    Hey guys excited to be on the forum look forward to this joint...Just a few basic questions.

    I have smoked a couple of times but I’m always with friends who know what they are doing, so some things I’m not so sure on.

    1 – When rolling a joint how much bud do you put in?

    2 – There always seems to be this battle of put/or don’t put tobacco in. What does adding tobacco do? I thought it just weakens the effect of the bud, as well as making the J burn slower?.. One of my mates says that doing ‘greenies’ is so strong, but most people don’t mix do they?

    3 - I've watched countless vids on rolling. However, just to clear my mind up. Minimalistcaly all you need is bud, and some rolling paper? Filters are optional (what are they for?) and roaches just hold it together better?...

    For the moment that is all, but thanks a lot for any help.
  2. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    • how much bud? well it depends on what u wanna smoke i guess. u like fat or skinny joints? lol

    • putting tobacco in it wont weaken the effects, unless theres more tobacco than green. :D the tobacco is probably gonna give u a mad headrush, usually intensifying some sensations...

    • all u need is bud and papers... but people also like to put a filter as a mouthpiece in the joint. usually its a piece of cardboard rolled up taken from the pack of papers... atleast thats what ive seen used, but it can just be a piece of paper. and is it a roach (clip) ur talking about? its to hold the joint when its supersmall when u cant hold it inbetween ur fingers.

  3. for ur first time by urself, i suddegest that you take a 30 second breack between drags, its recation when you not passing around a joint to just keep smoking, but somtimes you take more before the last time hit you and end up taking too much (I did that once, not fun, i threw up everywhere)
  4. laughterfits

    laughterfits Member

    great advice... even one joint can make you puke if you don't know how to smoke properly
  5. upsteam46

    upsteam46 Member

    Hesh - haha um, i'm just going to have to say average; maybe around a cigi size, maybe a bit fatter...Thanks for the advice guys, i've never felt sick so far and i hope not to, not like beer...

    Any more help appreciated, for how much...
  6. skierdood

    skierdood Space For Rent

    The little rolled up peice of cardboard is (around here anyways) called a crutch. So since I'm used to calling it that, thats what I'm going to refer to it as through this post.

    Pros of using a crutch:

    -You can burn all the pot and not be left with a pot filled roach (a roach to me is whats left of the joint when you are done smoking it)

    -It for the most part keeps little pieces of herb from pulling through the end of the joint and into your mouth.

    -It keeps the end of the joint open so it doesnt clog up. This is especially helpful if you or your friends have the tendancy to slobber all over the end of the joint.

    -I find it makes it easier to roll a more uniform joint.

    Cons of using a crutch:

    -Once you get towards the end the pot tends to burn extremely hot and be somewhat unpleasant. (you can minimize this by being aware that its going to get hot and start taking smaller hits)

    -Sometimes also at the end you will start to get a cardboard taste due to the crutch heating up.

    -Even though its easier to make a more uniform joint sometimes the added bulk of the crutch in there makes it a bit harder to actually perform the act of rolling.

    -If you are someone who saves their roaches for future purposes to roll roach jays then this will kinda make that hard to do since most of the time all the pot is smoked, and the only thing left is a cardboard crutch.

    I personally think the pros outweigh the cons and use crutches quite often, I like to not waste any pot. Plus over all the jay to me burns more consistently and is less worry free.

    BLUNTSYDE Member

    these kids are noobs lol one joint has never made me puke. hell not even 14 blunts make me puke ha
  8. this was my second time getting high... i had low tolerance and went through like a g in 2 minutes

    BLUNTSYDE Member

    ah. clears thangs up
  10. thomyorke

    thomyorke Member

    my friend puked from a huge bong rip cuz he thought he could clear it..and did, but it made him puke..while he was exhaling the smoke
  11. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    If you're smoking by yourself and trying to get the most out of your weed, .25 gs is the perfect size. If you buy zig zag king size papers and cut them in half, you can roll awesome tiny one person joints. they're quite convenient
  12. i say roll with tobacco especially if you already smoke cigarettes. makes it burn better, and its a more relaxing smoke.

    ive been sick from smoking bud before, i smoked 4 fat spliffs one after the other, then went pale and threw up

    i think it might have been to do with the fact that it was the afternoon and i hadnt eaten anything all day (rushed out the house in the morning) and i had that uncomfortable stomach feeling. weed lowers your blood sugar so my body might not have been able to cope. thats my theory anyway

    good luck
  13. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    It might have been the tobacco.
  14. yeah i suppose it could of been, as i remember it i didnt smoke that much (cigarettes) then.

    maybe joints with tobacco arent such a good idea then for those who dont already smoke!
  15. Ebene

    Ebene Mountaineer

    Damn, man. I always put .5 gs in my joints, and sometimes have to roller a pinner afterwards...

    But I've got a high tolerance.
  16. darkstars1404

    darkstars1404 Member

    I just load it up and roll,,, what ever stays in stays in and what falls out I save for the next one.
    Im not one to smoke joints unless im outside but I would have to say invest in a bowl for single person use.
    Ive never put in tobacco with mine or a crutch but it does get annoying when the joint burns my lip so I might try that next time.

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