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Discussion in 'Grow Room Pix and Journals' started by neongreen, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. neongreen

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    well hello there i decided to plant some morning glory and some mj, i currently have two morning glorys going and one mj. i have planted marijuana before just for the hell of it and threw it out when it got too conspicuis, but know that my mom knows i smoke and knows i am growing plants in my room i felt i would go about it a little bit more seriously because im pretty sure she wont mind (she lets me drink with her, so im not worried about her fraking out about a plant). i plan on growing it in my room by the window sill with a 15 watt bulb about 6 inches away from it until it gets a little larger then i will move it outside in the heavily wooded common ground behind my house. i have a few questions, roughly how long does it take to fully grow one of these girls, is it smart to move an indoor grow outdoors and once she is outside what are the best methods of preventing pests? thanks!
  2. neongreen

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    hey there, i have some pictures but i cant find my cable for my camera, she (i hope) is coming along nicely. shes got some big fat leaves on her. its been about three weeks, plan on moving her outside in about two months or until she gets to supicious looking. il have those pictures up as soon as i find my cable.

    btw. either my parents have no idea what marijuana looks like or they dont care, because my dad has moved my plant from the window sill in order to close the window, and i asked him when ever he did this if he would turn the grow lamp on, and he said "no problem"
  3. posedat

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    sounds like a really nice handfull of parents.. :D
    it's gonna be kind of a stress on the plant to move it outside so late.. better you move it in a week or so .. the younger they are.. the easyer it is for them to cope with the stress of soil... light... and all the other changes
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    Are you using a fluorescent light? If not, that bulb isnt doign anything. If it is fluorescent 15 inches away isnt doign anything, it needs to be 2-3 inches.
  5. neongreen

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    yeah it was a flourescent 25 watt, its outside now on my deck though, my parents know now and are totally cool about it. yesterday i transplanted it into a larger pot, and pruned some of the lower leaves, im having camera trouble which is really bumming me out but as soon as i get that figured out i will have some pictures up as soon as possible.
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    What kind of soil are you using? Also how big is the pot (how many gallons)? Over time you will need to transplant to a bigger pot.

    You want your soil to have good drainage, roots do need water, but they also need oxygen. The biggest mistake that newbies make is over watering, make sure not to water until the soil is dry. Try to learn how heavy the pot is when the soil is dry so you don't fuck up the roots checking with your finger.

    Also, if you have neighbors then you should start some sort of training or pruning soon to keep the plant short and bushy. If it's bagseed then you have no idea how the plant will grow (sativa/indica ratio isn't known). A couple monthes from now your parents might not like your new hobby if you have a 6 foot hedge on your back porch. Also know that it's gonna stink towards the end.

    Anyway, how old is it now? How many sets of leaves has it gotten to?

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