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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by PsychedelicJam, May 26, 2004.

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    A couple weeks i ago i had a crazy dream that i'd like to share with the populus. Me and my friend Nate were just chillin somewheres in a field i think probably bout to smoke or chill with some girls. So all of a sudden this girl comes and picks us up. I'm not sure exactly who it was because my dreams are always a little fuzzy but for the most part lucid. So we drive down into these sand pits which are actually a Mars red color. These pits are very steep and we get alot of air with the car with them which i felt in the dream. It was quite a high and also a great feeling to know that we landed all right. After this happens it goes a little blank and i wake up in some ladies house. I ask her where I am and she tells me as if she knows me, " Go find your friends" For some reason i can't remember a thing and why i was there. Time is endless and my mind is empty, except when i look outside the red atomsphere triggers my memory. I seem to be in a large farmlike mansion and many others exactly like it are spread out across this landscape. I walk towards another house that seems to have a car in the side of it. As i walk down the hill a new memory enters my mind, one of the accident which occured. After this i enter the house to see my friends inside but again as with me their Memory is blank.

    Existence is like the sun. Every day we rise and at night we set.
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    Sometimes dreams can predict the future, maybe someday this will become true, but you won't remeber you had the dream, and you will just be like oh wow mad dajavue. i like your last line though it brings up a good point. The feeling of flying is very cool. and to be able to land nicely is even better. Welcome to the site and great first post.

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