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    Hi, I’ve just joined, but I’ve got a massive favour to ask.
    I’m absolutely and ridiculously in love with Rhona Cameron… Basically she was my first realisation that I was gay and I well and truly fell for her. All through my teenage years I watched literally anything I could with her on it however small her role, and quite embarrassingly now I even wrote her a couple of letters.

    I’ve been to see her all around the country and met her twice. Both times despite me being a nervous wreck both her and her girlfriend were really lovely and friendly even with my t-shirt saying ‘Rhona Marry Me?’ Basically I’ve got a massive favour to ask anyone who uses facebook to help me out (excuse the generic message that follows but I’m on a personal mission to see the DVD released!) It truly is a tragedy (kind of) because when her sitcom was released I was only ten and I’ve got no other hope!

    Rhona Cameron the stand up comedienne/writer/TV personality wrote and co-starred in a series of the sitcom ‘Rhona’ for the BBC with Mel Giedroyc in 2000. At the time this slipped through the net and at present is not available anywhere except in the BBC’s back tapes. Even if you never saw the show this is a plea for anyone with a facebook account to please join this group and better still invite your friends on http://www.************/group.php?gid=44115320823&ref=mf

    If that link doesn’t work you can access it by searching for Rhona Cameron in the main search bar. I know it may seem quite frivolous and I guess it is, but it will only take a minute of your time.

    Rhona was one of the first openly lesbian public figures in the 1980’s and she is still touring to date. She has always been a firm advocate for both LGBT and women's rights and is a patron both of LGBT Youth Scotland and Pride London, one of the largest LGBT Pride events. Rhona also co-presented four series of a pioneering BBC show Gay-Time TV which was one of the first of its kind in the 1990’s.

    Finally, and if I’m honest this is my main impetus, I am her biggest fan in the world and tragically I was only 11 when this sitcom was on and only have a very hazy memory of it. (What I do remember was really good though!)

    I have spoken to Rhona’s partner who told me that if 300 people join this facebook group the BBC will consider commissioning a DVD of her sitcom, however I think we can get at least 500. If nothing else this is about preventing an innovate and awareness-raising sitcom from disappearing into oblivion and a way of supporting a longstanding openly gay public figure.

    Thanks in advance, Kayleigh. :p

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