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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Electricbuddha, Jan 18, 2005.

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    an amazing day today!

    ..I.....I... I didn’t go to school.

    I really felt I needed some time to have for my self, a healing day, no drugs no alterations, just me and my self! And who I am,

    I got up and I did some yoga. When I woke up it was raining harder then it ever has in this new year, is was amazing.

    I in-spontaneously had this feeling that I have to help my body and heal my self from pot. And Babylon. The extreme Yin and Yang.

    I did some yoga and meditation, setting a intention for my day to help me. I then did some chanting, and this I found I had no breath to chant.

    I then had this sudden urge to walk in the rain and chant and sing. I then when out side and walked all around down town chanting singing letting my breath expand and life within me leave the judgment from other's..

    My lungs opened and I had the motive and breath to chant. I didn’t stop and I just sung and chanted all around smiling at others reactions. I then went and got that envelope from MokSana Yoga studio.

    I started to walk to Beacon Hill Park but finding my self aimlessly continuing until I reached the water of the ocean.

    Taking my step into a new journey I slipped on this clay/mud slope my hands, ass and some of my body covered in this clay. (in any other time or day I would have thought: un-comfortable, wet, dirty, "damn have to walk home like this")

    But I had no recollections of any these thoughts… they left my mind as soon as any came to my head…

    Instead I thought: this is earth this is clay on my body this is rain falling on my hair and down back into my shirt past my jacket wetting back, the wind blowing at my face still singing. I then took my jacket off and set my bag down. I pulled my shirt off and took off my rain pants, I took off my gum boots, I pulled off my socks.

    I pulled up my fleas pants above my knees

    I walked down to the edge of the water, I stood with my bare feet in the water looking out upon the ocean……… the water was not cold at this moment, I started to sing a rhythmic chant.

    The words I sung were not words… though they made all the sense to me.

    I then lifted one foot placing it down in a different location then lifting another foot placing it down some where els… my arms started to swing and move flowing about my body.

    my chant grew louder and rhythm grew stronger, my body grew warmer.

    moving and feeling my surrounding against my skin... moving into a realm of dance

    and all exterior feeling was dropped, thought of cold, thought of pain, Thought of babylon, and nakedness... I was not naked.. naked is a term where we feel stripped of our "essence” and not our self, I was naked from Babylon, I left it behind my foot steps

    I was This ball of light dancing amongst the ocean to my chant of words I couldn’t ever describe.

    instantly the rain stopped, my plan was to dance in the rain but as soon as the marital judgments few away from my soul the rain stopped, my dance continued

    into sounds of the waves crashing amongst the rocks and my feet.

    pitter pattering of an essence that surrounded me. I was connected to the ground the water the trees the dirt and air. I was no longer a long boy dancing nearly naked on the beach in the cold rain.

    I now was supported and loved and enriched by every molecule of energy that surrounds every one of us. I was not lonely any more. for every one was with me dancing.

    I later gave my salutation to the sun and thanks to the essence of spirit and soul to the earth and to all that is one and one.

    I have stretched fourth my arms to the Amma of creation, I have stretched fourth my soul, to one, and all that is one.. you are my mother.

    you are not physically with me (I LOVE YOU) .. but you are in me, you are with me and so is every one from the pain the fills inside of Gorge www Bush to Shimshai and the water fish that swim into the deep unknown. Mother carry me across the ocean.

    Today I have manifested a beautiful world. I have a truth in this world of finding my destination of creation, my roots are growing and my soul is shining bright. I thank you mother for helping me come into this world. I may create my own reality of beauty, but I could not have done it with out you.

    i love myself
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    HEHE I don’t think any one will actually read this all the way through hahahah
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    ....that blew me away.....

    ....in a most curious way.....

    i am amazed you were able to put it all into words, and what beautiful words....

    thank you....for sharing.....
  5. Earthy Mama

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    Thank you for writing down such a beautiful experiance and sharing it with us. This reminds me alot of a day I had not that long ago. :)

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