a Daffodil doubt.

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Freekowtski, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    Today, I want to buy two daffodil bulbs. How do they have to be? Is it the ideal time to plant it? Sorry if I don't understand of gardening, I'm a newbie in this subject.
  2. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Here in California we usually plant ours anywhere from October to January for spring bloom. They need to be in the ground and receive some winter chill to really bloom their best. You can of course chill them in your freezer and then force them for bloom in the house. Ask if they have been pre-chilled.

    I would think the climate in Spain would be close to that of ours.

    Oh and our daffies were fantastic this year. If I can find time I'll post some pictures later.
  3. homeschoolmama

    homeschoolmama Senior Member

    I plant my daffodils in the fall also. But you could always buy a few plants just about to bloom! That way you would have flowers this year AND next as well!
  4. poor_old_dad

    poor_old_dad Senior Member

    Yeah, you're right... almost exactly the same, Barcelona is USDA zone 8, maybe 9 and is at latitude 41°23'N; Redding is at 40°34'N.

  5. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Yep, fall planting for spring flowers. I like to plant them as well as tulips in the mid fall.
  6. Sea Breeze

    Sea Breeze Member

    There is a peruvian daffodil which is really interesting which is a summer daff and you can still plant it now if you can get hold of the bulbs. Also Abassynian gladioli is beautiful and also a summer sprouting bulb.
  7. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Here are some pictures of what ours looked like this year.

  8. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    Wow! The white-yellow ones are so beautiful! I'll wait for fall time to planto some bulbs. Thanks a lot for your advices! :D
  9. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    There are so many varieties and remember to plant some paperwhites too, they add some variety to the mix. They usually bloom a little earlier than the true daffies.

    If I remember right the white and yellow ones with the white on the outside of the yellow cup are Professor Albert Einsteins. I have trouble remember which is which. We have over 30 different ones including the little Narcisis/paperwhites.
  10. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    I'll see what I can do! :)

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