a cry for help

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by beatfish, May 31, 2004.

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    dear god, save me from these massively threatening human inventions
    save me from my own self.
    save me from the state of mind that creates such unrest
    such unease and terror and loss of hope
    save me from the cloud of despair that covers my joy
    save me from the clouds

    why do i feel fake at every moment?
    why do i question and doubt myself every minute
    why am i rambling on and on, why do i ramble on

    here i am now and you can bestow the goodness
    if you dont i dont know where ill end up
    probably broken and paranoid somewhere in a dark corner
    a dark corner of my god damn fucked up mind
    save me from the shadow and lack of light
    save me from the questions

    save me from this yearning to be more than i am
    let me just be, please, let me just be for once
    let me figure it out if i am creating something that needs not be there
    let me figure it out for once
    or for the second time, but this time will you give me some kind of strength to hold on?
    let me hold on, oh dear lord for once can i just hold on

    let me die happy or let me die now
    let me die content or please just let it all end now
    let it end now or let me end now
    i changed my mind, i dont want to wait
    its not worth the wait.

    let me stop, god, this nonsense
    this idiocy that makes no sense
    this pit i create and deny that i do
    hope that i dont, deny that i do, question what i know
    question what i dont know
    questioning everything
    dear god how can somebody question everything?

    anyway, thats my prayer so please go ahead and take it out of my hands
    my small hands and my shrinking control
    just take it out of my hands and out of my head
    wont you?

    see, you dont even exist
    yet you are my last resort

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    That was beautiful!

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