A Course in Miracles

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    My fellow brothers and sisters, as most of you have come to understand, we are all children of god as we are all one, part of the collective. Please enlighten your mind, remember what you already know, and do not buy into the tricks of the ego. Read this book. It shall forever change your life.
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    i have this book!!!!!!!!!! i had to put it down! started sounding too much like a psychiatrists point of view on things and the one who " transcribed" it was a woman psychiatrist i read "the disappearance of the universe first

    i was raised with psychiatry and psychology. got an "A" in psychology in school. while it has some good stuff i find it more as a guideline since it does also say one way or the other we will get there! its just to speed things up - following its principles.

    im not giving up on acim( a course in miracles) yet, just need a break from all the psychology type of views ive read. reading the disappearance first in my opinion was what started changing my life. realizing we have to let our old "negative" thoughts play out first gets discouraging! i have died- 8 minutes. ive seen the light. life is indeed a spiritual life. not this physical matter we "illusionize" everyday. the full story has yet to unfold

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