A Comic about being Gay in a straight world

Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by DareinLaRose, Mar 9, 2008.

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    Hey all.. if anyone would be intrested then please get ahold of a copy of a comic called Assosiated Student Bodies. It is a comic made by a gentleman by the name of Chris McKinley. It honestly is a very touching story about finding yourself when all the world seems to want nothing more than to make you feel awful for loving who you love. If anyone has trouble finding it then please let me know and I can help you go about finding a version you can bring up on your computer.
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    I so agree with you love as it is simply put on of the best comics i have ever read in my life the story line is based fully on 2 characters that fall for each other and it fallows there relation ship along with a few other main chars in the comic i suggest any one that is haveing a hard time understanding themselves read this it helped me alot when i was confused and might be able to help others Excellent idea love Grats Hugs and kiss's
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    dude sounds cool can you give me the site

    P.S. it sounds like you would like the anime gravitation

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