a blow-out and question for stretching

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by WWKCD729, May 26, 2007.

  1. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    i just started stretching my ears, and i got a 14g taper, and the guy at marche noir said, "you want to make sure that you have your finger pressing aroung the hole whille you push the taper in to prevent a blow-out" now ive been soaking it in sea salt water, and i soaked my ear in hot water last night to put the taper in, massaged it and what not, and now im at the biggest point of the taper, so i wanted to know how long i should wait before i got to a 12 or 10. and what is a blow-out?
  2. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    I might be wrong but I think a blow-out is when your skin rips from trying to stretch it too suddenly. It's not good, happened to a friend of mine. :eek:
  3. benotfree

    benotfree Member

    Your right. it's when you more or less turn the hole inside out and tear it, which if it happens it can stop you from stretching. I'd what at least a month til you stretch again.
  4. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    how would you know if you have a blow-out? and im just using tapers right now, the guy said it depends, and that it could be a week, it could be a month, and i dont want to rush, but im kind of eager, i read that if you can tug on it with no pain, then you should be good, but i dont know, a month sounds ok, but yeah, can someone answer the question?
  5. duckyx

    duckyx Member

    Mine are 1/2in. ALways wait about a month between each gages. The hole blow-out is a more risk at bigger gauges. you really wouldnt have a blow-out chance at 14, just probley bleeding and swelling most likely
  6. ~InTheSky~

    ~InTheSky~ Member

    You can get a blow out at any size.. its when the fistula (tube of skin in the piercing) pops out the back, sort of turning the hole inside out. If you get one you will find a lip of skin around the back of the hole on your lobe. To fix it, downsize at least to the size you were before and rub with vit. E oil every day.. if you get tearing or a blowout, wait about 2 months before your next stretch, but if things are going well, then a month at least is ok.
  7. ill show you what a blow-out is-


    thats my ear now at 3/4". it blew out at about a 1/2" and i was able to keep stretching it without too much trouble but its never going back lol. it wasnt a super bad blowout, not much blood, but theyre both inside out to a degree. soon im going to get some o-rings and put them over the extra skin at the back till it atrophies and falls off to clean things up a bit.
    anyway, id wait at least a month and make sure it feels totaly good. if you can turn it around freely and it feels as loose as before you stretched it should be fine. only go one size at a time and stop if it hurts :) good luck, and dont worry, you need to really abuse your ears before theyll look like mine ;)
  8. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    im only going to an 8 gauge tops for now. with the tapers, i put them in through the back and slightly and gently push it until i feel a good enough tension, then put the rubbers on to keep it in place. ive had the 14 in for like 3-4 days, and its healed it seems, sees how i said seems..but i rather do it right the first time than do it again, so ill wait the month, and damn, that blow out looks knawed..
  9. intensive

    intensive Member

    when i first got my ears done, i went from the piercing size to a 8, that hurt like fuck, but ever since i havent had a trouble with them blowing out or ne thing and im pretty hard on them, now i 0 gauge now to.
  10. squirell tree

    squirell tree Member

    my ears are at 3/4 and i havent blown them out and ive been going pretty fast, I dont think you should worry too much blowing out at around an 8g, its usually with big stretches like from 5/8 to 3/4 in one stretch or so.
  11. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    yeah, ive been stretching for like 2 1/2 weeks and i went from a 14 to a 6 over the time period, i healed up pretty quick, but i thought the 8 was to small, and i stuck with the 10 for like 5 days, then said fuck it, im going to go for a 6, and it hurts like hell, but its not bleeding or anything, no secretions, just a little red, and a little swollen, but other than that, it looks good, i like the 6g, so i might stick with this for a while
  12. ItzJessI3itch

    ItzJessI3itch Banned

    I think when it comes to stuff like this it really depends on the individual... some people hear faster... and some people don't... some have strechier skin... and some have a hard time. I think whatever feel comfortable.... if you know it hurts bad it's obvioulsy not ok... just use common sense. I went from peircing size to an 8 and it wasn't too bad... just really sore for the most part... one of them bled after sleeping on it overnight... but it healed fine since I kept it clean and all that... I think I'm only going as big as a 4... I dunno... I'll find out when i get there I guess....
  13. Suncatch22

    Suncatch22 Member

    I just went straight from a 20 to a 14 (bought a paper clip, twisted it around, and played with my ear for about ten minutes until it went through. It feels fine, I even took it into a local piercing parlor and the guys (who have ears I could probably shoot a basketball through) were impressed. They said I could go right to a ten or maybe even an eight in a matter of weeks.

    So yeah, it depends ENTIRELY on the individual. Unless you are Super Stretchy like some of us, they usually tell you to wait a minimum of two weeks and for safety's sake a whole month, but ... if you're okay after a few weeks, say three, you could probably compromise ...
  14. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    wait until the inside of the piercing doesn't look shiny anymore...
  15. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    im at a 6 right now, and i bought a 6g bone tunnel, but it widens a little bit at the ends, and i try to put it in my ear, but i cant get it to fit, and when i force it a little my ear bleeds and then i stop, so wtf am i supposed to do now?
  16. if your ears are bleeding from trying to get a flare through, you should wait a little bit. your ears should never bleed! if it still wont go through in a few weeks (more would be better, your ears need to heal), then you might have to use a taper to get it in. like stretch up a size or half a size in order to get it in and then let it shrink down.
    what youre essentially doing right now is dead stretching and thats the worst thing you can do if you want to avoid blowouts. just take it easy.
  17. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    for sure, ive had the 6 in for like a week, im just eager as hell to get the flare in, but w/e i dont want to fuck my ear up, so yeah, ill just wait a few weeks and then try again,like the flare i could get it to fit in, but it wouldnt push in, which i didnt get, but i guess i just gots to wait...thanks
  18. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    I'm the wrong guy to ask. I think that stretched-earlobe thing looks fuckin' HORRIBLE.

    Done by people who for whatever reason must not expect to live past, oh, 30 or so. Because anyone who thinks they're gonna be happy with what they've done when they're a grandpa or grandma... well, they're kidding themselves. Gonna be one big fuckin' regret, or a lot of pain and money spent at the plastic surgeon's office.

    Think, people!!
  19. good thing nobody fucking asked you :)
  20. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    well, i THOUGHT about this, and thats why im not going real big, i just dont think it would look right on me, ill go to a 4 or 2, and thats it!but yeah, back on topic, i took a shower, inspected the flare, i think that the bone was sharp, and thats what cut my ear, because i checked out my ear, and saw that only the outer layer of my ear was cut, i think that had to do with the flare not being big enough, and all the twisting and what not cut it, but yeah, i tried saturday, made sure my ear didnt hurt, and the flare went in with a little tightness, but it didnt hurt or anything, i just think im a fast healer..but yeah, im going to leave the flare in for a couple of weeks, then switch it out for my taper, then go to a 4..

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