9/11: What are they hiding?!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Communism, May 12, 2004.

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    I've have been studying 9/11 for almost 3 years now, and all I have to say is that the official story is bullshit, as it often is, in many, if not all cases. So many holes, so many lies. But now as I see this, I am REALLY beginning to wonder.

    Bush opposes a 9/11 investigation, well fine, you've done some pretty mean shit Mr. President, and you should have stopped the attack, but then:

    Tape of air controllers from 9/11 destroyed

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    what do you mean by the official story being bullshit??

    the claim that we didnt know about the attacks? which is bullshit

    the claim that Al-Qaeda was the culprit? Al-Qaeda admitted and bragged about committing these acts....they were atleast 65% the culprit...the other 35% being the US government that trained Osama and abandoned the Taliban to perish against the Soviets in Afghanistan..causing even more hatred...not to mention the oppressive presence of US military in the Islamic Holy Land...and our continued support of Israel. Al-Qaeda get's the bigger chunk of responsibility because they are the ones that organized and carried out the acts of 9-11.

    The whole official story isnt bullshit but some parts definitely are. I would feel better if the government just admitted that they fucked up and/or let 9-11 happen to get the ball rolling on a pre-planned Middle east invasion.I would feel better not being lied to every waking second by the assholes being paid with our tax dollars.

    I hope you arent one of these geeks claiming that planes never actually hit the building. then I would suggest watching the documentary filmed by the Gideon brothers.
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    You do need to be specific, what is crap? The planes obvious hit the buildings, people obviously dies, a bunch of Saudi definitely did it.

    The idea it had anything to do with Iraq is crap but that isn't actually part of the official 'story' just what the American public who can't read properly seem to think...
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    The deepr truth the nation refuses to even consider but which is a documented strategy long revealed (see "Project Northwoods") is that our own government structure (not necessarily Bush himself but certainly some of his hardline advisors and upper echelon military leaders) was most assuredly capable of being behind the very planning and execution of 9/11.

    After all the revealed lies of this administration and the manner in which any detailed forensic investigation of the site was prohibited by FEMA (which ensured the mess was cleaned up and shipped off as scrap as quickly as possible) the retort of "conspiracy theory" rings ever more hollow than ever before.

    As with any criminal investigation the first question asked in assessing likely suspects is "who stood to gain the most?". We can see from the billions we've been pouring into our juiced up military industry complex just who has cleaned house on the backs of those killed that tragic day.

    Were is Daniel Elsberg when we need him to blow the lid off of CIA treachery like he did with the release of the Pentagon Papers back in 1971?

    I for one will always believe it was our own power elite behind it and that Osama and his ragged band of cave dwelling cohorts (ever increasingly inflated by the media into a global threat) merely provided the most convenient foreign scapegoat necessary to convince an otherwise misinformed and deceived public.

    For one thing, only our own military commanders could have ordered the standdown of interceptors on the day when they could have easily shot down the planes well before even the first target was struck, Osama nor his henchmen could not. Food for thought.
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    I think that Bush should be impeached, he did not warn us about anything as to what would happen, plus he lyed as the Iraqes have weapons of mass distruction, it was the Alkidda group, the people who are innocient are getting blown to bits, plus the military must be difficult because all of the families have to suffer because of their loved ones getting blown away. His administration is the worsed. It is sickening. Also his no child left behind act did not accomplish anything. What do you have to say about that?
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    I think its sad that brain-washed people sit there and believe that our country allowed 9-11 to happen. No wonder the world is still a shitty place.

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