9/11 Truth?

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    9/11 Truth Activist Gets Death Threats
    Infowars reporter who exposed Silverstein's September 11 warning receives threatening phone calls

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet
    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    A prominent 9/11 truth activist and a reporter for Alex Jones' radio show has received threatening phone calls and death threats after exposing the fact that WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein got a warning on the morning of 9/11 not to come to work.

    We Are Change founder Luke Rudowski is well known in the movement for his prolific demonstrations in New York and most recently for his confrontation with Silverstein's security thugs, one of whom called in a false bomb threat in an attempt to frame the protest group but was later fired.

    Another individual from Silverstein's security detail had told previously Rudowski on tape that Silverstein and other members of his family got a warning to to come to work on September 11 before American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north tower of the World Trade Center.

    It has since emerged that two other members of Silverstein's family, his son and daughter, both of which worked in the trade towers, were mysteriously "running late" on that same morning.

    Rudowski decided to go public today on The Alex Jones Show with the fact that since his confrontation outside the new WTC 7, he has been receiving threatening phone calls as have his friends and family.

    "I have been receiving a lot of death threats as have my loved ones and friends close to me have been getting a lot of death threats," said Rudowski, adding that the calls contained personal information that no one else would know unless Rudowski had been under close surveillance.

    Rudowski was told "If you know what's good for you you're going to stop," and the callers made it clear that they were aware of Luke's movements, right down to where he was going away for a weekend break, information he had only told a handful of close companions.


    Rudowski added that his phone had been having problems and was probably tapped.

    It is important to stress that at present, there is no evidence that the threats are connected to Silverstein and the culprits remain unknown.

    Luke made it clear that the threats only embolden him and make him even more determined to fight for the cause of 9/11 truth.

    "I will never stop doing what I'm doing, this is only going to make me stronger - I won't let these scum get to me," said Rudowski, "whatever they do to me they won't stop the truth coming out."

    Click here to listen to Luke Rudowski's appearance on The Alex Jones Show.

    Waddaya think????
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    People dispute the cause of wars thousands of years after they happen. Of course the government is lying to us. But we'll never really know specifics, but that's ok, because that doesn't really matter...
    To me it seems the 9/11 truth movement is a case of trying to get to the bottom of a cover issue; not seeing the forest for the trees. There was a reason why 9/11 happened, and there's a reason for that reason, too, whatever it may be. I don't think probing for 9/11 truth is necessary in a struggle for world peace.

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