9/11 is approaching and Honour still hasn't been distinguished from Blasphemy.

Discussion in 'Rastafari' started by Anaximenes, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Anaximenes

    Anaximenes Senior Member

    I mean we mean to God, the supreme Creator, the highest other Human Being, what have we done to know ourselves for the "Respectability, fidelity, and integrity" we can become again? Generations of citizens are still to be realized re-incarnated for the actual birth in hospitals. But that is truly unsustainable for the projecting Mankind who may misguide everything on the whim of Global Warming. Mankind's projects are sustainable upon the interests of new and repetitively renewed agriculture, manufactured technology, and energy for the planned limiting regulation of that. Sustainability may be the required form for Re-incarnation.

    Alas, will we forget this honour and blasphemy fret over Progress. Will we distinguish the real attitudes of Working for the built and re-built materialism? :baby:

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