6-apb cross tolerance with MDA/MDMA?

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by unfocusedanakin, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    Has anyone had experience with 6-apb. I found a vendor who stocks but I am just curious if it will have cross tolerance? It is pretty close in structure to MDA and appears to prevent the uptake of serotonin so I am thinking yes.
  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Yes and there is cross tolerance with MDMA.

    I really enjoy 6apb, I feel more emotionally subdued than MDMA on it but the duration lasts a few hours longer and most the other qualities I seek in Mdxx are present.
  3. shermin

    shermin Bazooka Tooth

    yes, there will be some cross tolerance.
  4. Royaltramp

    Royaltramp Member

    Yes there'll be cross-tolerance, and for what it's worth, 6-APB and the like should be treated with the same caution as MDMA or MDA, maybe even more so. I've found a lot of people see the lack of MDxx in the name and think it's good to take every week or more, and then end up with months of horrible debilitating depression and anxiety, and severe tolerance to all related compounds. Had a bout of this myself, keep it to once a month imo if you want the best from it and don't want to put yourself in a bad spot. :)
  5. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    I thought it was a safer MDxx alternative at first. When it first came out allot of people seemed to think that, but I had not seen any until recently. For the rolling experience I think I will stick with the real stuff. MDxx is cheaper for me, but maybe one day I do like to experiment.

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