6-6-06. Who's going?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Rigamarole, May 26, 2006.

  1. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    Whoooo, I love movies about Satan-spawns!
  2. drew172

    drew172 Senior Member

    yeah me and my friends are all planning to go see it on the day it comes out...its gonna be cool....tho my girl can't go cuz its her mum's birthday....kinda freaky...whatever

    Can't wait, looks awesome, course the weekend beforehand, we all gonna watch the original...
  3. nah, i have a theory that i'm the true anti-christ, so i'm going to try to summon dear old dad up that day.
  4. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    There's an original? Sweet!
  5. Jesus the Jedi

    Jesus the Jedi Senior Member

    No shit theres an original, you think people actually make original horror movies now days?

    Fuck this shit, last time I went to a horror remake and expected something remotly good, I ended up crying at how bad it was (Hills Have Eyes)

    Renter if anything.
  6. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    How can this movie possibly be remade? I would have much rather they just re-released the original.
  7. Jesus the Jedi

    Jesus the Jedi Senior Member

    That never gets them any money, remember when exorcist was rereleased and barely brought in the cash? remakes are the money right now.
  8. SunshineLovePeace

    SunshineLovePeace all you need is love

    yep, im going. cant wait.

    i love julia stiles. and the movie just looks brilliant.
  9. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    I hope the remake is good... I tend to not like them as much as the original... but the commercial seems cool...
  10. Brand New Soul

    Brand New Soul Senior Member

    I haven't even heard of it.
  11. ayahuasca

    ayahuasca Member

    is it called 6-6-06? i've never heard of it either.
  12. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    It's called The Omen and it's about Damien, the son of Satan.

    It's coming out June 6th, 2006 (which happens to be Tuesday), hence the 6-6-06 marketing ploy.
  13. ayahuasca

    ayahuasca Member

    ohh, i see. i think i've seen a commercial for that.
    i'm not too into the horror films.
  14. Jesus the Jedi

    Jesus the Jedi Senior Member

    The only way i can see this movie being enjoyable is if you go in with NO expectations, but you guys seem to be hyping yourselves up way to much...

    also i hear its a shot-by-shot remake and fans of the original will get annoyed.
  15. RiverStone

    RiverStone Ancient

    Edited to say nothing three years later, god I was a noob back then.
  16. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    I'm not into horror movies. So I'll not be seeing it.
  17. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    Well, just got back and...

    It was good! Yay! I would have liked to have seen Damien get more screen time over his boring parents, but that was one badass Satan-child!

    Hmm, I want to post a spoiler but it won't let me put a spoiler-box? Drats.

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