555Hz 55Hz 5Hz | Solar Plexus Chakra Activation: Theta Waves Isochronic Tones + Brain Synchronize

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    Solfeggio Frequency from so called Angelic Scale. Associated with Solar Plexus Chakra, works on its healing and activation. Labeled as: "Changes in Divine Order".

    ☀️ 55Hz ☀️
    Stimulates the so called life force energy (K).

    ☀️ 5Hz - Isochronic Tones ☀️
    Theta waves. Bridge between conscious and subconscious mind. Extrasensory perception, astral projection. Great for intentionally removing self-limiting subconscious beliefs and patterns and self sabotage. 5Hz is associated with unusual problem solving. Relaxed states, pain-relief.

    ☀️ Remastered Brown Noise ☀️
    Brown Noise is a special sort of sound signal. It is generated by computer, according to a precise mathematical algorithm. It has a deep frequency, ocean-like sound and it can be found in nature. It helps to mask background sounds. This stops distractions and can help boost concentration, promote healthy sleep, and soothe headaches. Our brain just loves it.

    ☀️ Advanced Multi Layered 8D Audio (Brain Synchronizer) ☀️
    These Modulations Optimize your Brain as a Sound Receptor by moving the sound in 360 degrees Around Your Head. Many Sound Layers have different/seperate movement paths in real time in order to activate many different parts of the brain at once. Ambisonic audio is commonly called "The 8D Audio". It includes various other techniques and tweaks for increased potential.


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