420 CD/Playlist! lets get one going!

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by maryjaneLOVEE, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. maryjaneLOVEE

    maryjaneLOVEE Member

    I like all kinds of music, so lets have some tokin music!
  2. Born2Lose

    Born2Lose Member

    Well, the best song for me to listen to has gotta be Death In Fire by Amon Amarth. (Man i love getting high and listening to viking metal.)
  3. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Nuclear Asault -> always a good pick,
  4. Smoke on the Water. Go watch the episode of Simpson's where Homer smokes medicinal marijuana. It makes the song much better. :)
  5. T-Rav

    T-Rav Member

    Try Bone Thugs n Harmony.
  6. mobseens7

    mobseens7 Member

    Bone Thugs, I would recomend shots 2 tha double glock or body rott.
  7. makesmomcry420

    makesmomcry420 shlimazl

    the Distillers-city of angels
    mims-this is why im hot (the only rap song ive ever liked, but only when stoned;))
    dir en grey-zakuro (killer guitar solo)
    metallica-die, die my darling (so much better than the misfits version)
    tom petty-last dance with mary jane
    ozzy osborne-shot in the dark
    BLIND MELON-SLEEPYHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!(this is a must!!)
    blind melon-change
    garbage-#1 crush
  8. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    ah c'mon there's better songs than that...they have plenty of weed songs
  9. T-Rav

    T-Rav Member

    BTNH : Smokin Budda, The Weed Song, Buddha Lovaz, Weedman, Blaze It, If I Could Teach The World
  10. passittotheleft

    passittotheleft Senior Member

    Amon Amarth owns. I like Pantera best though. Always good. Listening to pantera makes you a better person.
  11. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    steel pulse
    alpha blondy
    tiken jah fakoly
    bob marley
    toots & maytals
    slightly stoopid
    desmond dekker
    black seeds
    bad brains
    george clinton (p-funk)
    willie nelson

    that's all good shit
  12. wiuf

    wiuf Member

    Husker Du. :)
  13. BodyElectric

    BodyElectric Member

  14. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Put on some classic Mentors.
  15. s0ma

    s0ma Member

    "Smoke Two Joints" by Sublime is one of my favorite songs to listen to when I'm just beginning a session.
    "Raleigh Solilioquy, Pt. II" (Sublime) on Robbin' the Hood is awesome for when you're good and baked.
    Anything by Damian Marley is amazing.
    "Desert Rose" - Sting
    "Octopus's Garden" - The Beatles
    "Fire on High" - Electric Light Orchestra (orgasmic)
    anything by Shpongle
  16. vactom

    vactom Fire on the Mountain

    Roll Another One - Syd Barret. One song I am definatly listening to.
    and Stone Cold Bush - RHCP!
  17. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    yea, fuck that. nothing is better than the misfits.
  18. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    slayer reign in blood

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