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  1. Topher D.

    Topher D. Senior Member

    Anyone have any experience with this substance. I'm going to be coming into some around the 25th, and would just like to know what to expect. Erowid says that its very similar to Psilocybin and Psilocin. Someone told me that 20mgs is similar to an eighth of cubensis. any validity in this?
  2. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    20 MG is a decent dose for most people, maybe a tad high for a starter dose but probably not going to blow you away. 4-aco-dmt is really fun, it feels like really clean shrooms to me. Shrooms minus the body load, and a bit more speedy but in an energy way not a tweaked out way. Amazing fractals.
  3. Toejam

    Toejam Member

    It depends whether you have the fumarate version...
    Most people sell 4-ACO in fumarate form, so 20mgs is good, but usually I'd go a bit higher, up to about 25mgs.

    But yeah, this is probably my all time favourite chemical, it's just brilliant.
    Just like shrooms, but better!
    Everyone almost always has great experiences on it, never had any anxiety or paranoia - unless of course your set and setting is wrong.

    Have fun.....
  4. Mystical815

    Mystical815 Member

    I'll be getting some soon too, must be good its all over the place now. I think its the most desired RC at the moment
  5. Guest3985

    Guest3985 Member

    start with 15mg. I cant express that enough.
    4-Aco-DMT is subjective in dosage intensity between people, I just had my first MAGICAL experience with it and at 15mg, felt like an eighth but the trip was so euphoric and it wasnt very stimulating it was quite relaxing. It respectfully earned its place in my magical half dozen (of tried substances).
    The best way i can describe it.. is think of what an ayahuasca experience is supposed to be like, one with a shaman right beside you guiding you, that is how it felt on my 15mg dose, the shaman guide there making it easier.
    Very very visual, incredible body buzz, I'm not making conclusions on where it stands on my top list, but by how things look its probably going to be up near the top.
    I'm really looking forward to mixing it with MDMA, even though it makes you feel great enough, it would be nice to see how the chemical is with the phenethylamine aspect added to it.
    You can insufflate it at 1/3 the dose for a shorter experience, and it still works just as well (from what i've read).
    All around it looks like a Perfect drug, It will definatly be on everybodys top list once they try it.

    just A. Dont mix with SSRI's there has been a report of someone having an extremely horrid experience winding up in the hospital where the doctors we're even worried and didnt attribute it to a bad trip and that there was a serious problem. I wouldnt wish what happened to that guy on anyone.

    B. It is assumed to have the same safety profile as psilocin, but think of it this way dont dose heroic doses would you take an ounce of mushrooms? probably not. So dont overdo it. First time taking it take around 15mg like mentioned above and see how it compares to an eighth of shrooms, if its weaker than add 5mg, but on average based on all the reports/comments i've read about and my personal experience 15mg = average dose for a eighth of shrooms. But dont push it, it may be the most easy to deal with psychedelic (for example like 2C-B generally easy on everybody) and it lacks that EXTEREME KICK AIMED DIRECTLY TO YOUR FACE WHEN YOUR LEAST EXPECTING IT that shrooms can cause at high dosages, that in no way means taking a high dose will be like an easy going intense trip, it has the tendency to give people bad-trips and black-outs. But just start out slow and find your eighth equivilent dose and use that as your base, add a bit more for more intense, add less for opposite. Dont go snorting a full on dose again i say this 1/3 your usual dose.

    I'm so glad someone descided to finally create this substance, It is incredible.
    Whats fucking sucks for me, is that I bought the first time i saw it listed on one of the Vendors i have (everyone knows this one) i bought 250mg (125mg of it free) than a few days ago the place i usually get from gets it in 5 times cheaper.

    needless to say im stocking up on a couple grams of the stuff.
    I just cant get over how amazing this substance is.
  6. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    sounds awesome. shrooms are already basically my favorite drug so i look forward to a chance to try it.

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