4/7-4/15 Anyone want to hangout?

Discussion in 'Indiana' started by yertnamreg1218, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. I'm a student at Rose-Hulman in Terre Haute. We have our break next week and I was wondering if there was anyone who wanted to hangout/party/smoke/drink/etc. Me and my room mate will be going on a crazy roadtrip without much direction, so we will be looking for cool people to visit and possibly a place to crash. We are both very much hippies, but have our differences. However, we both smoke rediculous amount of pot. I would love to meet some of my brethern in Bloomington or elsewhere in the state.

    Let me know if any of you guys would like to hang out next week!
  2. Hrmm nobody seemed interest....maybe this will help.
    I'm bringing a half ounce along...
  3. dodger988

    dodger988 Member

    I'm in northern Chicago. You might be able to crash a day or two at my house but I'll need a better description of you guys. I'll need to sell it to the parentals. PM me.

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