3 things you need to know about Islam

Discussion in 'Islam' started by Dahrr, Oct 19, 2010.

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  2. p0ly

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    1. if you're a female getting raped is your fault and you get lashings for it
    2. Men get 72 virgins when they die (hopefully the virgins are men) Women don't know what they get.
    3. the punishment for adultery is death
  3. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member

    The beauty of life is mystery, religion shatters this with stories people think are true.

    I don't fear hell and i don't need comfort that a man in a cloud loves me and will let me in his heaven, he doesn't deserve respect IMO. I've seen way too much fucked up suffering to want to bow down to the person who made this world.

    PS if someone stole your apple is making billions of people suffer a fair punishment?
  4. Ddoright

    Ddoright Senior Member

    I am a Christian - this video is pure and simple fear mongering made by a group that wants us to think all THOSE people are the same. Shame on anyone who would listen to this garbage and accept it as the absolute truth.
    Try this video - The guy is pompous as hell - but he makes points at least as good as in the hatefilled hogwash above.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXfFDIqVIDA&feature=related"]YouTube - My Response To "Three Things About Islam (A Mirror)"
  5. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member

    i used to go out with a muslim girl for over a year.... what's your point.
  6. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member

    Funny, no response.
  7. ChrisFromScotland

    ChrisFromScotland Lang may yer lum reek

    wasnt many seconds untill i concluded this video was balls...
  8. p0ly

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    i used to watch good youtube videos of ex muslims who left the faith and exposed the nasty parts, guess what? they got death threats from muslims they knew n were forced to remove them. 2 people in 1 year.

    if you want to see the SICK Sharia Law being taught in UK mosques watch 'Dispatches - Undercover Mosque' from channel 4. There is 2 parts and real life footage, then you will open your eyes to the reality of Sharia.
  9. deleted

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    #1 if your standing next to a Muslim in line, and your ringtone goes off over and over.. Muslim might just go jihad on your annoying ass.. In the name of Allah...
  10. Ddoright

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    This discussion should be taking place of on the "Major Generalization Forum. Not Hip Forum. To conclude a religion with one billion followers is completely evil, intolerant and hate filled is NOT HIP. It is BS. There are peaceful, loving accepting Muslims just as there are in Christianity. There are also evil men who use God for there own purpose and preach hate among Muslims - just as there are in Christianity. This is nothing but rhetoric aimed at stirring fear and animosity. Very Un-hip. Perhaps the Redneck Forum would be more appropriate.
  11. odon

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    Search MDL on facebook
  12. geckopelli

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    Good and bad--
    Right and wrong--

    !t's about winners and losers.

    A smart guy floats on top no matter whos ideology rules the moment.

    If the terroist had a clue, they'd of won already. And if the US government took it's head out of it's ass for ONE FUCKING SECOND, terrorism would be extinct.

    Follow the money.

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