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Discussion in 'Animal Advocates Support' started by InTheMidst, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. InTheMidst

    InTheMidst Member

    hey there.
    Over Thanksgiving break my mom and i went to a local animal rescue centre
    to save a dog from being put to sleep.
    we found that dog had already been taken in by another family
    so we looked around the pound/rescue centre.
    It was sad seeing all of the dogs/cats fighting for your attention to rescue them from the cages they are in all day...
    but anyway, we came across this one little guy who was 7 weeks old at the time.
    I thought he was a very sweet little guy with lots of energy,so we took him home (don't you wish you could take them all?)
    Well, i know puppies do tend to bite alot due to teething,
    so I personally didn't/dont mind, but my parents are 'put off' to say the least. He is rounding the end of teething at 3 months, or at least i think so..im not a professional.

    wow i seem to have gotten realllly off the original point of this thread..
    in any form of play or interaction with him, all he wants to do is bite. whether im playing with him, feeding him, petting, or what have you, all he wants to do is bite.

    So here is what i came to ask.. what do you think i should do, or just your opinion in general.

    if it means anything, he is a black lab/border collie mix.
  2. Mystic-Red

    Mystic-Red Member

    dont worry its totally normal :D,when my dogs were puppies they bit/chewd ALOT :p im pretty sure i read that there gums can get itchy and sore, so biting/ chewing really helps to relieve any aching ect.. :) dont worry tis just a stage im sure and will pass :)
  3. HippyLandscaper

    HippyLandscaper learning a new way

    When my dog was just a pup, she used to bite all the time. What I did was push her lip between my finger and her teeth, in such a way that it would not hurt her at all, until she bit down. It took two or three times of her biting herself to realize that it hurt, and then she quit bitting. Make sure your pup has plenty of chew toys as well, they need to chew on things to help keep thier teeth strong.
  4. Tobias

    Tobias Member

    It is true that puppies need safe things to chew on as a means to keep them from trying to take it out on people or other dogs. Some good chew toys are rawhide treats, nyla bones and rubber kongs that you can get at any pet store.

    Also, I have found that if you correct them immediately when they try to nip you, that you say in a very loud voice "OW" and then as you restrain them nicely (not in a mean way) by their collar, tell them again in a very loud and dominant voice "NO, NO".

    The important thing here is to be consistent, which means, never let them get away with nipping at you or any one else for any reason. Of course, you can still play tug-of-war with a knotted-up old sock or shirt, since this type of positive activity helps build a bond between you and your dog which can never be broken and alleviates some of the discomfort of growing their new adult canine teeth.

    Good luck to you and your Border Collie Pup!
  5. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Puppies chew to bring in their teeth and make them strong for chomping bones and such. Chew toys are great, but RAWHIDE is not so great. Rawhide can kill a puppy. If the bite off a hunk and swallow it it will expand in their tummies and kill them. PIGS EAR works best, will not swell in tummies.

    If your going to give them a sock to play with make sure it's a white sock as colored socks contain dyes that may harm your animal. If you do not allow your puppy to chew it will not form strong teeth.

    I have a kennel and have been raising dogs for 15 yrs. Never give your dog PORK or PORK bones no chicken bones either.. a bone from beef is the best chewy a puppy can have. A clean bone that has been cracked or sawed.

    You don't want a pup to chew on anything that could chunk off into their mouths and choke them.

    I am training a schnauzer pup right now 7 weeks old. She's in her chewing stage and her baby teeth are as sharp as razors. I let her chew on me a little bit, but if she hurts me I let her know and she will lick the place she hurt and look up at me with sorrowful eyes... They only have their instinct to guide them and they are being who and how they are suppose to be. It's their natural way.

    You pup will grow out of chewing in a couple of months.

    Best of luck with your new companion
  6. peace_n'_love

    peace_n'_love Member

    yes mine and my boyfriends puppy (Smokin' Rox) bit pretty bad but we made sure there were always toys around and make sure you dont hit your pup in your face always on the butt im a dog groomer and you can always tell the dogs that get a tap in the face and a tap in the butt.

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