3 hour masturbation......

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by villafokker, May 17, 2007.

  1. villafokker

    villafokker Member

    ok so i didn't realise it until i looked at the time, but i started at around 12 and i just poped the cork at 3am.......i've never gone 3 hours befor! hah!
  2. Did you shoot cum in your face when you got off? I've jacked off for 2-3 hours quite a few times and I have to be careful when I get off or I'll end up get blasted in the face.
  3. stapler

    stapler Member

    3 hours?!? Wow!! Impressive staying power.....well done.
  4. villafokker

    villafokker Member

    telling me! thought i never had it in me!

    aloneInLittleton, no i didn't shoot myself in the face lol it actually went all over my laminate flooring so it was easy to clean up haha
  5. fishface4000

    fishface4000 Member

    3 hours? OMG!
  6. villafokker

    villafokker Member

    why are people suprised? lol.......has no one ever done it that long befor?
  7. 04HorneyMale

    04HorneyMale Member

    Ive done it for an hour and a half once, outside in a hedge beside our road :p
  8. villafokker

    villafokker Member

    lmao! in a hedge????? why?
  9. fishface4000

    fishface4000 Member

    on a hedge? wasn't it sore?
  10. popeyes

    popeyes Member

    oh yea dude sometimes ill just start and wont even reallize how much time has gone by and when i shoot my load and then i look at the clock im like omg i jsut wasted 2 hours jacking off but it feels great [​IMG]
  11. meishka

    meishka Grease Munky

    i've done that a few times while on camera
  12. SpoogeShooter

    SpoogeShooter Member

    i don't always have the time, but yeah, i can do 2-3 hour sessions. and the cool thing is, my precum, lube all start getting foamy - my room smells like cum. and what someone else said: after jackin off that long, when i finally shoot, it's awesome (a mess) - there's cum everywhere. i always shoot far (not a dribbler), but after a long session, i'm outta control.
  13. genie_man

    genie_man Member

    yeh i've definitely gone for 3hrs before - times its so good you just don't want to stop. all about the stop and go!
  14. FuckFuckFuck

    FuckFuckFuck Member

    I have never gone that long. Maybe like an hour tops.
  15. fuzz_acid_flowers

    fuzz_acid_flowers Aqueou§ Transmi§§ion

    Haha my hand would fall off
  16. JoeBone

    JoeBone Member

    I can't think of anything that I do for three hours. Guess that's the ADD.
  17. 3 hours! Kudos buddy, i don't think i could keep it up for 3 straight hours in any situation.
  18. Roxas

    Roxas Member

    i had a whole day to myself once and jacked off for 5 hours, at the end i thought i had something wrong with my cock, 2 hours later i started again and finished in a half hour, i still think its kinda weird.
    the people i tell don't believe me
  19. Didymus Doppelgänger

    Didymus Doppelgänger Misfit Lover

    I did it for about 4.5 hours once...when i orgasmed my dick went numb(weird ass feeling) my load went EVERYWHERE. Definitely the weirdest orgasm I've ever had
  20. Gumby

    Gumby Banned

    Dude! I'd get frustrated after 30 minutes and my upper arm and wrist would have been sore! I would have ended up taking a sleeping pill.

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