2ci tonight?

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Paul5445, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Paul5445

    Paul5445 Member

    got some 2ci sitting here and im bored as fuck thinking about taking it what you guys think. should i just say fuck it and eat 30mg haha
  2. Spicey Cat

    Spicey Cat DMT Witch (says husband)

    IMHO boredom is always a bad reason to take drugs. Read a book or some Erowid.org reports on 2CI instead. Wait for the authentic psychedelic (shaman's) call . . .

    Regardless of what you choose, happy and safe journeys . . .
  3. Paul5445

    Paul5445 Member

    haha your so right maybe ill save it for the weekend....... i have so much though :p
  4. largeamount

    largeamount Senior Member

    dude i wish i had some 2ci, ever since buythemg shut down i have been lost... it used to be just a few clicks away
  5. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i would wait until the time was right.
  6. p0ly

    p0ly Senior Member

  7. Smitty25

    Smitty25 Senior Member

    Doesn't matter. It's 2ci :p.
  8. IveBeenThere2

    IveBeenThere2 Member

    wake up on a day where u have no commitments or work or anything...eat that shit for breakfast.
  9. Reality is BS

    Reality is BS Member

    Your plan is a good one. 2ci isn't very introspective and has almost no anxiety or paranoia in my experience. I didn't really like 2ci much until I stopped dosing like it was
    2ce. 30 mg is a good dose unless it's your first time, start lower if it is.
  10. shermin

    shermin Bazooka Tooth

    too bad it's not 2c-b, and you don't have 40mg :D

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