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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by mr.morrison, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. mr.morrison

    mr.morrison Senior Member

    my friend might be comin up with some and if he does, i wanna know if this is tyupically a drug that gets cut with other things often? im not worried about "oh no! i had coke in that!" but right now im being tested randomly and if it is cut with coke or amphetimeans(sp?) i might test positive.

    so is it something i should be careful with or is it usually pretty pure?
  2. souljuju

    souljuju Member

    To date, random US drug testing procedures do not determine 2C-I levels in blood serum or urine. If you are being randomly drug tested, you are responsible to determine the “quality” of the product, not your friend. If it is indeed 2C-I, you need to make sure of your dose. If you can not confirm your dose, make sure you have an additional day off before returning to work, especially if you drive a truck, operate a forklift, or are in charge of any type of heavy machinery.

    Do your homework: know how to test for purity, know what your dosage is, and, above all, ask yourself this: How would my friend really be able to answer these questions his/herself. Then ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”

    By the way, most of the 2C-I I have come across has been from sources other than friends. Purity is between 98.4% - 99.01%.

    All said, if you got the real deal and you can’t really determine your dose, strap your ass in so your head doesn’t fly out.
  3. mr.morrison

    mr.morrison Senior Member

    im not asking about a dose or if the can test for 2C-I. and im not asking about the individual stuff i have's purity. im just wanting to know if i should expect it too be cut with something else that could show up on my test. something like coke, speed, pcp, etc
  4. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    2c-i in the long run is comming from an chem supplyer not a dealer...2ci is very cheap so to cut it with something that you could charge for more worth then the 2ci would be foolish...

    your 2ci will either be pure, or if he got it from a shitty supplier it will be cut with an inactive ingredient with no psychactive effects.
  5. souljuju

    souljuju Member

    I agree with PsychMyke. It's probably 2C-I or nothing.
  6. mr.morrison

    mr.morrison Senior Member

    thanks dude.
  7. bananadine

    bananadine Member

    Do amphetamine tests show positives for phens? After all, "amphetamine" is simply short for "Alpha-Methyl-PHEneThylAMINE." I know there's no alpha-methyl group on there, but you might run into trouble with a test, depending on how the tests detect different substances.
  8. uplink

    uplink Member

    they might, but I know people who have downed plenty of phenethylamines (like ridiculously huge amounts daily) and have gone up against the army's intense drug tests and come out negative.

    Research Chemicals are pretty much never cut...
    Unless of course you go to a certain canadian vendor :)

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