2c-i (insufflated)?

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by Prea, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Prea

    Prea Member

    Yea I know it burns a lot. But what is the dosage for insufflated (snorting) 2c-i? I've read that it's 3x as strong as oral dosage. So 5mg up the nostril is equivalent to oral administration of 15mg. Is this correct?

    Also how long do the effects last with insufflation?
  2. explorer83

    explorer83 Member

    That's about right, IMO. It's probably somewhere between 2 and 3x as strong. I estimate that it lasts 4-6 hours versus 6-8 with oral.
  3. Prea

    Prea Member

    Damn 4-6 hours? I was hoping more along the lines of 2-3. Hmm, may have to rethink my plans.
  4. im guessing with how short 2c-c is.. you could snort 2c-c and be back at baseline in 3hrs.. thats just taking into consideration of what i've read about 2c-c and the obvious fact that anything snorted doesn't last as long orally
  5. Veers

    Veers Guest

    Fuck, I snorted 20mg's and it burned worse than any other unnatural thing that has been propelled up my nose. The trip lasted at least 6-8 hours, I expected it to be a lot shorter.
  6. skarpo0

    skarpo0 Member

    my friends and I all snorted varying doses, 2 of which snorted 5mg, one snorted 7mg, and a friend and myself both snorted 9.

    5mg- 3hours

    Although if its interactions with authority figures you're worried about, I was able to interact and converse rather normally when I put my mind to it.

    It does burn pretty badly for around 10min, like having wasabi lodged up there or something, but its worth it in my opinion.
  7. jia

    jia Member

    20mg snorted is a pretty heavy trip. I never snorted 2c-i except the one time. If youre going to snort a 2c, do 2c-e... it hurts basically as bad but it stops in like 5 minutes right as the first alerts are starting to come on.

    Snorting 2c-i also makes it a faster comeup and might make you jittery/restless and potentially nauseous. the more you know!
  8. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    i insufflated something between 1-4mg of 2C-E a few days back. (was in the rear-end of an 18mg peak wanting a slight boost). the reason for the wide range in the amount is that it was eyeballed (based on my most-sober-possible calculation that the pile was definitely smaller then 1/100th of my 400mg stash).

    despite all ive heard, there was no real pain from this. there was a mild discomfort and a very slight need for kleenex, but nothing bad, likely due to the small dose.

    what you could try with 2C-I if you want to insufflate is to take the dose, and split it into about 3-5 doses to be insufflated every 5 minutes. that should be a slow enough intake to avoid any weird fast come-up, as well as reducing the pain/drip.
  9. 1337carlos

    1337carlos Member

    2C-I would be easier to handle than 2C-E, which I snorted 10mg of. I think you'll be fine.
  10. CrypToka420

    CrypToka420 Member

    does anyone know if nasal spray helps with the pain? or what does? im also thinking about snorting some, but just wanna know if theres anything i can use to help the pain
  11. luciano

    luciano Member

    I personally wouldn't dare take phenthylamines and tryptamines other than oral or rarely smoked in the case of freebases like 5-MeO-DMT. Phenethylamines and tryptamines are extremily carcinogenic if smoked.

    I know a friend that had 2c-e and 2c-i snorted and said a regular 10mg-15mg dose came up within 45min rather than 1.5hrs-2hrs

    Wouldn't recommand it
  12. Will 5mg insufflated produce any visual swirling/music enhancement in people's opinions, or just an altered headspace?
  13. shermin

    shermin Bazooka Tooth

    10mg is pretty mellow.

    if mellow isn't your thing, and you don't mind being up for ~18-24 hours try 50-60mg nasal... it sort of felt like i was exploding.
  14. joel79

    joel79 Member

    That's lethal for some people, and i think that's pretty irresponsible for you to recommend.

    I've snorted 6-7mg's on 2C-I with 3 friends (Mind you we already were coming down/ baseline from earlier dose(s)) and it produced an awesome euphoria, mild swirling and wobbling, increased heart rate (no instruments to verify that but it was apparent). Energy, but not massive uncontrollably amounts, just a mental alertness. Lasted ~4 hours. Everything just got a lot brighter and more "beautiful".

    But back to that comment above ^^^ snorting 50-60? You couldn't give me it for free and throw me 100 bucks to do that.

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