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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by dynamickid, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

    Okay, so last night i took first full dose of 2c-e. 15mg. It was around 12:55AM and watched a movie to help pass the time. I must have fell asleep, 1:40 I was rattled by stomach discomfort. I felt speedy and could not focus on many things. I has some OEV, more so of distortions not fantastic visuals. CEV were more pronounced yet i could not maintain a constant flow of imagery. My body was not acting right with it at all, must have been the pizza for dinner. Loved the random thought patterns, very crazy, just how i like it, not sure if I would say I am baseline yet. No visuals at all, just feeling really nutty. Would like to sleep some but have to much nervous energy. 2c-e seems to be some type of use for clearing mucus from the airways. I had alot of mucus coming up. Nasty stuff. I do not smoke or anything like that daily. I am not sure. Sorry to be rambling, It was an okay time. Higher dose and earlier time frame will be more suited next time. I had a fluctuation of 5 degrees in body temp from start to now. It was up and down most of the night. blood pressure was within 5 point at any given time. 116/70 starting. was up to 125/79 at one point, but i had been moving around a bit.
  2. ODB

    ODB Member

    I found the visuals came in nicely around 30-40mgs. But thats just me.
  3. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

    Ok I am better now. Nothing like food and a shower to snap everything back in place. So anyways, I believe that i was not prepared to enjoy the experience that I had last night and that is why i may have had an unpleasant time on certain aspects. Other than that I do plan to try again with 15-20mg on a well rested sleep prior to as well as an afternoon/evening journey than a midnight run! I guess I am getting to old for the all-night trip!. :party:
  4. ODB

    ODB Member

    lol, I like day to night trips better than the midnight runs as well. It fels more natural on my body and it doesnt get lonely watching everyone else go to bed.:cool:
  5. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    2ce blows my mind everytime, with respectable doses. You should try the 50-60mg range, after you get comfortable with the chemical.

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