26 Inch Peruvian Torch...HELP PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by PsychMyke, May 24, 2007.

  1. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    Alright, heres the deal...

    I'll admit, I don't know anything about Cacti containing mescaline...the only thing i know is that its the only well know psychedelic I haven't tried, and i really REALLY want to. I'de prefer to get some mescal, but that's very rare in Maine, so I'm going to buy a 26" peruvian torch cactus. Is that enough to make 2 people trip pretty hard. I definatly want more then a threshhold dose, but like i said, i dont know anything about cacti. Heres a picture of the cactus in all its glory...

    So whadda you guys think, if i strip the spines off it, and dry it in the oven, then grind all the matter into powder to put in capsules, then fill the capsules to the brim, will me and my trip mate have to split the entire thing to trip??

    If my method of preperation is wrong please let me know, in fact if someone could let me know the proper method of preparing the cacti for consumption i would really appreciate it, i just kinda guessed the process above
  2. cechmangoal1

    cechmangoal1 Member

    13 in. of peruvian per person should be enough to get a strong trip. i've only done san pedro cactus which is supposed to be weaker and tripped hard off one foot and really hard off 2 feet. you could prepare it like you're doing it or boil it for 5-7 hours. there is a prep method on erowid called mj shroomers prep #5 that i use. you end up having to drink cactus juice which tastes pretty damn bad though.

  3. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    How do i go about stripping it, I have to get the green waxy layer off right to get to green slimy part? Then I have to take the off and throw away the core correct?

    Also, how long should I put it in the oven for, and should i do it at low heat?
  4. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    How do you guys think this looks as well...


    its pre peeled San Pedro, i would get the 56 gram one.....but how much of that do you think would be needed for a decent trip gram-wise? I dont know how much that correlates to in feet of the actual cacti. That just seems like it would eliminate alot of the work....but it also seems to easy, I get the feeling the product isnt very potent if its being marketed like that...what do you guys think?
  5. kidsmoke

    kidsmoke Member

    I wouldn't put it into capsules or make the tea. Capsules are bad news for something that upsets your stomach already, and the tea is not only disgusting but I sense a loss of yield whenever I do it. I recommend just eating it strait or better yet, doing an extraction.
  6. cechmangoal1

    cechmangoal1 Member

    Eating it straight?!!? i don't think that would be ANY better. you can only fuck up boiling if you over heat it, but if not it does the job REAL well. yea the taste is bad but the trip is worth it.

  7. Ancient One

    Ancient One Member

    I recommend researching this extensively first. Take in all opinions, form your own. If you really want to do it, dont rush into it; become an expert or at least knowledgeable on the subject first. If its worth doing, its worth doing right. Erowid has a lot of information if youre willing to dig, compared to this and other websites and google results you will begin to see patterns emerging. In my opinion 40% of what you read will be wrong, misleading, or impossible to duplicate, and is either intentionally misleading or is information offered by someone with nothing better to do than recite what a friend of a friend said, or what they heard on a movie. Many will make general suggestions, but will refuse to follow through with specific details. Some will say yes, some will say no; only trial and error will truly help you, and this is truly time consuming and expensive. Going and getting a tandem skydive is probably infinitely more rewarding and less expensive than walking this path, so consider your interest well. There are better, healthier and more rewarding things in life than drugs, if you but look, and be patient.

    A little help. This is verified info:

    1) capsules wont hurt you. What's in them may effect you negatively, depending on content and form, purity and sanitation.

    2) Many dislike eating or drinking or tasting cactus because of their bitter nasty taste and slimy pulpy texture; this is an issue because to have an effective dose, you must not vomit it up or else you will loose the full effects, or have no significant effects.

    3) many person's digestive systems cannot handle elements of cactus solids; they lack the digestive elements necessary to break it down; thus the result is diarrhea...filter your cactus liquid well before consuming or evaporating. Solids filter, alkaloids do not. Solids can cause diarhhea, alkaloids will not.

    4) the closer you get, via extractions or refinements, to consuming only the alkaloids themselves, such as the mescaline crystals only, the less material you need to consume and retain, and the less chance you will encounter vomiting and diarrhea. Trip quality likely will increase as wallets empty.

    5) the following is recommended and often is anecdotally sited by users to avoid vomiting and diarrhea.

    a) peel the "insect shield" outer waxy thin "scotch tape" like skin away from the dark green tissue. The "insect shield" is a thin, opaque, outer onion skin like covering which is whitish when peeled away.

    B) use only the dark green outer layer (under the insect shield). Its maybe 4 mm or 1/8 th inch wide. This means discarding the woody white fibrous white core, and the intermediate white material which is between the core and the green layer. Some cactus are light white green throughout the body; in which case discard all but the dark green outer layer.

    C) again, filter cactus pulp and solids from final product before consumption.

    D) Stagger your dose. Either consume half now, and half 45 minutes or so later, or follow the regimen 1 cactus or equivalent per hour

    E) Smoke a little pot shortly after consumption if legal in your area, this will kickstart the trip by lowering your resistance or threshold, and help greatly with any nausea (mescaline alone has some nausea associated with its use)

    6) From here you have choices in order of ascending complexity/cost A) Eat the skinned, washed greenskins on an empty stomach, chewing thoroughly. OR... B) Drink the juice of the greenskins by either sending them through a juicer, or by putting them through a freeze/thaw cycle a few times then (retaining all fluids) put into blender and blend well, then put into stainless steel pot (aluminum pots are chemically active with alkaloids) and, stirring often, LIGHTLY boil with equal volume of distilled water (tap water is already laden with chlorine, metal ions, etc which limit its capacity to carry additional dissolved contents) in 4 hour intervals, topping up as needed with more water, (boil, drain, boil, drain, boil, drain...3 cycles...then combine all your strained liquids, LIGHTLY boil down to a couple of cups of green soup and drink, if you can. If you boil the greenskins in a 5% acid solution (add citrus acid or the juice of a couple of lemons to the pot, it will enhance the extraction by changing the mescaline into its ionic form where it will dissolve more easily in water) Dont add excessive lemon juice, this can bulk up the final product. OR... C) Perform an IPA extraction (Isopropyl alcohol, preferably between 91-99%) or an everclear alcohol extraction (not as good unless alcohol percent is high) by following "exitium" 's alcohol extraction post on this forum in archives, which takes your skinned, green outer skin, dries in the oven in a metal pan on a low setting 140 degrees or so, with the oven door ajar, overnight or until skins are like hard dried leaves or potato chips. If they are like leather or bend instead of crumbling, they need more drying. Powder the greenskins as thoroughly as possible to dust (hard), then soak in warm alcohol for a week, shaking as often as humanly possible, after a week, allow to sit quietly overnite to settle powder, then use turkey baster to draw black fluid out of jar, being careful to try and pick up as little powder as possible. strain alcohol through paper towels, collect in clean 2nd jar, Retain the used wet powder, remaining in jar, add fresh alcohol to begin process again. repeat at least 3 times or until alcohol is no longer black or dark green (sitting in container when jar is full)(try and keep liquid out of sunlight), then combine all the strained alcohol, pour into glass pyrex pans, evaporate all alcohol in closed bathroom with vent on and window open (directing a fan over the pans will highly accelerate evaporation). Put towels at bottom of door to help control escape of strong alcohol fumes (keep cigarettes and open flame out of this room). You can put outside, but bugs die and end up in the pan along with dust, leaf bits, etc that blows in. Very light film of alkaloids, chloropyll, etc, will remain in pan after evaporation; scrape up with razor blade glass scraper and sharp thin blade putty knife, residue as scraped will be like oily tarry gunk, not liquid,not dust. Capsulize this tarry residue after thoroughly evaporating all possibility of any alcohol (smell dry pan, no alcohol scent at all)(poke with fingers, possibly soft, but dry), and consume with fruit juice (cranberry, whatever). 1 twelve to thirteen inch long cactus by 3 or 4 inches wide, will reduce to about 5-7 AA capsules per cactus. Weighing the cactus powder and dividing by 4 will give you the grams of residue to expect, which is roughly one AA capsule per gram of tarry residue. OR... D) Acid/base extraction---best left to the chemically inclined, but is accomplished by changing mescaline's solubility to alternately be dissolved in water and a non polar solvent like xylene to chemically filter fats, waxes, etc out of final product which is more refined than any other method, your alkaloids are almost in their perfect crystalline form with only a few bulk impurities to darken and mis-shape.

    7) Cactus in general: the older, bigger, wider, and more sun exposed cactus has typically the higher alkaloid content than smaller, younger, healthier, fresher cactus. The harder the cactus is to cut through likely the higher the content. Mescaline yields are thought to be higher at end of summer after dry and sun have stressed the cactus at length. Traditionally, this crop, when cut down, is stored in a dark place for months to increase mescaline content even more by further stressing it, forcing it to try and protect itself from its hostile environment. Typically cactus is cut or nicked or poked to simulate an insect attack to further stimulate alkaloid production. Typically, a supplier can be identified as "knowledgeable" in this area if there is some mold on the cactus; it has been lying around in storage and is likely not fresh cut.(cut away mold before applying any process). Rule of thumb, if your cactus looks like a big burly old sailor, fresh drunk and back from 2 days leave, knife scarred and tattooed from years of fighting in dodgy bars, then trippy trippy trippy cactus.

    Lastly, remember that some locations have outlawed or banned the use of Mescaline, the possession of mescaline or extraction of Mescaline, in any way for any reason. If it is legal in your area then likely your continued historical interest in these cacti may well continue to be of interest, research wise. Allow common sense and moderation to rule your interest and continued learning. Start small. Use your own judgement to go from there. Always seek more information, and verify any information before acting on it.

    If it is not legal in your area, please disregard this summary as it is not intended to be used in your area. Consumption of illegal drugs is dangerous, unhealthy, and is highly unrecommended as your government and other institutions have already spent great sums of money and time to provide you with all you may ever need in terms of education, entertainment, self growth, challenge, and productive pursuits. Live long and prosper by the terms already provided you. In places like this, cacti serve much needed landscaping needs and are best left unmolested.

    ps. most reports dont seem to prefer the dried powder capsule consumption method, it requires a LARGE number of capsules to contain that much powder so tends to be very bulky, not to mention the whole diarrhea thing. Extractions reduce the volume of dose to be consumed, contained in capsules no tasting is necessary. You will find that likely the cactus pictured is not enough to, in your words, make you and a friend "trip hard", but I guess that depends on your definition of both "trip" and "hard". Also,There is very little scientific evidence to support the common notion that peruvian torch is stronger than san pedro, 2 scientific reports in the 50's and 60's dont constitute a representative sample; all else is anecdotal, so beware. peruvian torch is a mescaline bearing cactus. Leave it at that.

    keywords: mescaline. san pedro. mescaline dose. san pedro alcohol extraction. mescaline acid base extraction. mescaline trip reports. effects of mescaline. combinations therein. etc.
  8. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    thagnks man...i appreciate your help
  9. Stiney

    Stiney Member

    Hey myke, this is how I do it, hope it helps.

    Step One: Purchase your prefered cactus from a reliable source. In my case fresh San Pedro from my local head shop. I usually use around 600 grams per person per trip. This comes in a whole unprepared branch of cactus.

    Step Two: Despine the cactus. I do this by first taking a scissors and triming all the spines/needles down to a milimeter or two. Next I go about removing the remainder of the spines. This is done by taking a sharp knife (I use an exacto knife/stanley blade/box cutter, whatever you want to call it) and cutting a diagonal \ and / shaped slice down into the cactus on each side of each spine, then prying out the small wedge of cactus which contains the remainder of the spine. The base of the spines usully go about 1-3 milimeter beneath the skin, so this is how deep you cut. You can save all these cactus wedges containing the pieces of spine and later remove the bits of spines completely if you don't want the little pieces of cactus to go to waste, but they add up to a very small percentage of the overall cactus material you will be consuming so I don't bother.

    Step Three: Cut up your cactus into several star shaped slices about 2-3 inches thick.

    Step Four: Skin the slices. The way I do this is to make a tiny cut and then just peel the skin off as if you are unrolling a roll of cellatape. Most of the time the skin will come away from the flesh of the cactus perfectly but occasionally little bits of flesh will come off stuck to the skin. If this happens just scrape the bits of flesh off the skin with a blade. Skinning like this gets easier with practice and I can skin a 12" piece of cactus cut into slices in about two minutes now.

    Step Five: Remove the core of the slices. The centre part of the cactus has very little mescaline in it compared to the green fleshy parts. And going on anicdotal eveidence is responsible for most of the nausea some people expierince from eating cacti, best to just throw it out. The core is the bit in the centre that is lightest in colour (whitish-yellow). To remove this core just cut in a circle around it and pop it out. It can be a bit difficult trying to handle the slimy cactus slices so I dab them with a dry clean cloth to make them easier to handle.

    Step Six: Slice up your cactus slices. Basically just dice them into smaller pieces. This will help the cactus dry out faster and makes later steps easier. You could just throw the pieces into a blender but I prefer to dice them by hand.

    Step Seven: Dry out your diced cactus. I do this simply by spreading it out on a plate and leaving it somewhere out of the reach of children and animals (and thieves) and allow it to dry out naturally. It takes about 4 days and nights to dry out like this. But I live in Ireland which is a very wet place and dry it away from fresh air and direct sunlight, so obviously if you live somewhere warm or if you dry it in the open air and sunlight it will dry much faster. (Note: The colour the cactus changes while at different stages of drying out is really incredible, a strange mix of vibrant red, purples and greens, I will take a picture next time.)

    Step Eight: Powder your cactus. Take your dryed out cactus (when dry it will be a lot smaller in volume and hard) and throw it into a blender or coffee grinder or anything else that will accomplish your needs (I find a blender to be the best) and crush it into a fine powder.

    Step Nine: Consume your cactus powder. This is always going to be a matter of personal tastes but these are the 4 ways I go about it.
    (1). Throw some the powder into a small glass of strong tasting beverage (beer, orange juice, coke ect) a bit at a time and stir it well with a spoon, then shoot it. It will not taste good but it will be bearable. Repeate untill all the powder is consumed. This stuff will not want to mix with the beverage, it will not dissolve in any real way, so shoot it as soon as you mix it about or it will just gather at the bottom of the glass.
    (2). Put the powder into an empty glass and the add just enough strong tatsing and pleasant beverage (as above) so that the powder soaks it up and becomes a kind of goey paste. Next squash the paste up as tight as you can into several small balls. Now throw the balls into you mouth one at a time and immediately wash them down witha big mouthful of beverage. You should barely taste anything but your beverage of choice with this method.
    (3). Mix the powder through a paste like food of your choice. Peanut butter, chocalate spread, nutella, depending on your personal tastes and either eat it on its own or spread it onto a sandwich or somethig and eat it like that.
    (4). Stuff the powder into capsules and swallow them down. Thier is a lot of powder so you will be eating a lot of capsules so I am not a big fan of doing it this way, as I have heard that eating that many capsules can give you pretty bad diahrea.

    And here is the thread I posted that originally with some replies.


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