Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by inbloom, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...


    i see 22, everywhere i go. a few years ago, i kinda just decided that 22 was my favourite number. i just had a strange attraction to it.

    but lately, for the past 3 or 4 months, i see it all the time. and not just on the clock. although, i do happen to look at the clock whenever it's 1:22, 5:22, or whatever:22. but like, i'll see it in the most random places. the other day, i looked out the window and a cab was driving by, and the cab number was 22. when i worked at this gas station, i looked under the hood and the date "april 22nd" was on the engine. when i saw the guy who delivers coca cola to the store, i looked at the trolly he had and on the back was the number 22. people often tend to say the number 22 in some context, when i'm talking to them. one day, the lotto machine said, "today's jackpot: 22 million dollars!" and just in the weirdest places. it really fucks with my mind.

    i'm kinda hoping that like, it's not a sign that i'm gunna die at 22, or something. :eek:
  2. Xac

    Xac Visitor

    well that is a pretty morbid way of interperting it as a sign, if it WERE a sign couldn't it for something positive? like meeting your true love at 22 or something?
  3. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy

    Plate O' Shrimp.
  4. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    Or mabey youll be a millionair at 22 w/ 22 million dollars... Or mabey it will be the day you first child is born.. the day that will change your life forever... dont be afraid.. .embraise the number 22... and enjoy all the posibilitys.. or maybey yor just paranoid... and the numer 18 and 4 are all over the place to... but your just picking up on the 22 because you want to.
  5. ZBChrist

    ZBChrist Member

    This is really interesting, because for the majority of my life I have also been bombarded with the number 22.

    I cannot think of many specific examples like you, but I was born on May 22, the year was 1984. 1+9+8+4=22. I also found a great girl who was born June 22, 1984 and also has a similar affiliation with the number 22 in her life (I found all of this out after we were dating for a while).

    I look at this as a code to my life now. I found out after some time that, in Numerology, 22 is actually a power number; so you should be grateful for this gift of a number (instead of assuming you are going to die at age 22).

    here is a website that talks about the number 22. Whether you believe it or not, it still adds an interesting add-on to your life.

    P.S. What is your birthday inbloom? Does the date or year correspond with your "strange attraction" to the number 22?

    P.P.S Did you play the 22 million dollar lotto? I certainly would have attempted if I saw it.
  6. imagining

    imagining Member

    hey a lot of things in john lennons life hinvolved the number 9..so maybe having a # that you coincide with a lot is a sign of creative genius? ierno..but i wouldnt say its a bad thing, since you dont seem to be seeing it in freaky places or anything (btw melikes mucho your signature)
  7. I have always had the same on/off relationship with the Number 47... strange enough, one day i found out theres a society of people who feel strongly connected to the number 47....

  8. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    Honest Abe's life was full of 7s
  9. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    my life is always full of 66's, even on here.
  10. Children of Bodom

    Children of Bodom Senior Member

    I wonder what 58 means
  11. ZBChrist

    ZBChrist Member

    If you go by Numerology, for any 2 digit number, you add the 2 digits (i.e. 47 = 11) to find your "life number" (im not sure if that is the correct term). For any number besides 11 or 22 (which are power numbers) you keep adding the digits together until you get a single digit number.

    So, if always see the number 98, then your Numerology number would be 8 (9 + 8 = 17, 1 + 7 = 8).

    You would have to look on a numerology web site to figure out what these numbers mean, but that is the extent to my knowledge of numerology.
  12. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    nah, i met my true love when i was 19. :D

    and ZBChrist, that's pretty cool that you and your girlfriend both have the same relationship with the number 22!!! i have embraced the number, and i just kinda flow with it. it's all good. :D
  13. Gurkadurk

    Gurkadurk Member

    Strange, yeah, I was hitching a few months ago and everywhere I got dropped the number 42 was around. I just added a zero for it to make sense then I got dropped in the middle of nowhere and a road crew had been through spraypainting markings on the ground. I look down and there's a 420.
  14. kayy

    kayy Member

    22 is for me the number of beginning, this number do follow a lot... 11 was before a good number for me, it was the number of divorce/change/separation, often in a positive way, 22 is for me a fresh start
  15. wrstlergrlx

    wrstlergrlx Member

    i do the same thing, with the whole clock think...i look up at the clock when ever it's 7:11(the time i was born) or 9:18(my b-day)...its weird sure...but i think its kinda cool
  16. Jointman69

    Jointman69 High Nigga Pie

    anybody know what 69 means??

    haha no im just being a douche...thats quite interesting tho, i wish i had a special number
  17. NaykidApe

    NaykidApe Bomb the Ban

    I keep seeing 55 everytime I get on the freeway.

    Does anybody know what this means? It's kind of spooky.
  18. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    My dad actually did research in college on people's number affinities. What he found was that people only notice certain numbers continuously because their subconscious sort of keeps a tab on the number. One of the studies he did was what time people looked at clocks. What he determined was that people look at clocks more frequently than they remember; that they typically only remember times with "their number" in it.

    I'm not discretiting any mysticism in number affinities, but my dad's research also sounds logical. I bet there are lots of studies published online about the topic.

    And since everyone is sharing their number... mine is 33.

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