21 year old bare soles - pictures

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by hollandsmuisje, May 14, 2007.

  1. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    Definately like them, Nice feet. Forget wearing shoes and socks and show them off!
  2. dude23

    dude23 Member

    They're too clean, buddy! Dirty soles are the mark of a true barefooter.
  3. Cool Spruce

    Cool Spruce Member

    I STILL manage to keep clean feets.
  4. seohsreven

    seohsreven Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Perhaps the mark of a true Washington DC barefooter; a Micronesian barefooter, on the other hand has very clean feet, because it's hard to get them dirty on the beach [​IMG].
  5. jagerhans

    jagerhans prickly crank fella Lifetime Supporter

    what a pedestrian misspelling :H
    lol just kidding man
  6. barefootbob1

    barefootbob1 Member

    Not bad. Nice soles, but looks like your nails could use a trim. Show some more of the tops of your feet.
  7. Cool Spruce

    Cool Spruce Member

    Yeah. Dirty or clean (clean for me, but whatever) I enjoy seeing the tops most of all. That's where the tannable skin is!
  8. Bare feet, but no barefooter's feet. ;)
  9. Just what I thought seeing them. But they're lovely, Hollandsmuisje.
    (Ik zou wel willen weten waar je woont... :D)

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