2019 Rainbow Gathering near Iron River Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by A Girl Named Sandoz, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Check out this flyer: http://karinzirk.com/rainbow/wisconsin2019/HowdyFolksFlyer.pdf

    From Minneapolis/St. Paul, take Interstate 35 north to Duluth, Minnesota (~ 157 miles). From Duluth, take US-2 E approximately 42 miles to Iron River, Wisconsin.
    From points east such as Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison, take Interstate 94 west to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. From Eau Claire take US-53 North approximately 127 miles to Iron River, Wisconsin.
    EVERYONE: From Iron River, Wisconsin, take Road “A” south 8.5 miles. Turn left on West Delta Road (Forest Service Road 231). Continue 2 miles. Turn left on Musky Lake Road (Forest Service Road 411). Continue 1 mile. Turn right on Canthook Lake Road (Forest Service Road 412). Look for parking options within the next three miles. Park with all four tires off the road. Duluth, Minnesota will be the closest major transportation hub. Rev. 6/14/19 @ 8:00 am PDT.
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    anyone? how's the gathering? i miss home =(
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    Sounds like fun...... but take every single drop of insect repellant you can locate. I worked in the woods of northern WI for many years and we didn’t call it the “green hell” for nothing.

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