2019-nCoV Coronovirus (COVID-19]

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  1. Think it needs it's own thread now since things are getting a little crazy, well if you go by the internet anyway

    Start off with the latest ghost town video

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  2. "China’s top court has handed out a rare rebuke of the country’s police force over the harsh punishment dolled out to people accused of spreading rumours about the coronavirus outbreak."


    Chinese police called out for crackdown on coronavirus rumour

    JANUARY 30, 20205:15pm

    Coronavirus: Snapshots of the deadly epidemic
    As the Coronavirus epidemic spreads globally, the people of the world cope with its effects on daily life.

    Ally Foster and AFP
    China’s top court has handed out a rare rebuke of the country’s police force over the harsh punishment dolled out to people accused of spreading rumours about the coronavirus outbreak.

    An estimated 170 people have died in mainland China as a result of the virus and there have been more than 7000 confirmed cases.

    The coronavirus has been likened to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which China experienced an outbreak of in 2002 and 2003.

    The spread of this new infection has now surpassed the global reach of the SARS outbreak.

    Authorities suspect the disease originated in a wild animal market in the central city of Wuhan, and told the World Health Organisation about the new virus on the last day of 2019.

    A day later, eight people were detained by police after claiming online that Wuhan was in the grip of a fresh SARS outbreak.

    The group were punished for “publishing or forwarding false information on the internet without verification”, a police statement at the time said.

    But the country’s Supreme Court has now lashed out at the police over the incident, with judge Tang Xinghua saying while the information might not have been accurate, the people involved did not deserve to be punished.

    “If the public had believed these ‘rumours’ at the time, and carried out measures like wearing masks, strictly disinfecting and avoiding wildlife markets … it might have been a good thing,” he said in an article published to the Supreme Court’s social media account.

    Tang said the indiscriminate crackdown on online rumours could have “become negative textbook material for weakening public trust in the government” or a “vicious event” eroding support for the Communist party"

    Chinese police blasted for crackdown on virus ‘rumour’
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  3. Canada's Chinese community faces racist abuse in wake of coronavirus

    Canada's Chinese community faces racist abuse in wake of coronavirus
    Country has seen just three confirmed cases of the virus but panic is already spreading, causing an uptick in racist incidents

    Leyland Cecco in Toronto

    Wed 29 Jan 2020 05.51 AEDTLast modified on Thu 30 Jan 2020 01.42

    When Toronto resident Terri Chu tweeted that she and other Chinese mothers feared the “inevitable wave of racism” that would accompany the spread of coronavirus around the world, she didn’t realize how visceral the reactions would be.

    “My Twitter has just exploded with vitriol since this morning,” she said on Tuesday. “But it’s just par for the course, growing up as a minority when you’re not part of a dominant class.”

    Canada has so far seen three confirmed cases of the virus, which originated in China, but members of the country’s Chinese community have already become the target of racism

    When a popular Toronto blog, reviewed a new Chinese restaurant on Instagram on Monday, the post quickly received a torrent of racist comments.

    And nearly 9,000 parents in the York school district – an area north of Toronto – signed a petition demanding students who had traveled to China in the last 17 days be prevented from attending school.

    “This has to stop. Stop eating wild animals and then infecting everyone around you,” wrote one petition signer. “Stop the spread and quarantine yourselves or go back.”
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  5. Yay, take your kid for a walk, watch a puppy get skinned

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    Ms Africa isn't very popular on Twitter. 12 likes a post lol. I get more than that on facebook and I'm not miss of a nation.
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    “Health” section added to WeChat. You can report yourself (or someone else) that’s exhibiting symptoms. Can also pay to video call with a doctor.

    I’m assuming they were planning on releasing this for awhile, because there’s other basic “health related” stuff in there that’s unrelated to the virus. It’s definitely the main reason, though.

    Mobile top up/health aren’t the only things usually available, I disabled the rest, but health appeared today.

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    My city just cancelled their Chinese New Year celebration this weekend over coronavirus fears

  9. Wow, really, dob in someone else

    That sounds George Orwellian kind of scary
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    What do you call a violent interpenetration of the Quran, that turns Islamic extremists into mentally ill terrorists??..

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    Freudian wordslip:

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    Ill leave it. I made from phone so I couldnt see it very well. I dont know how people post so much from phones.
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    When I put my penis in my backyard tunnel to China:

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    Yeah... You people are all gonna die.
  16. ‘We will admit them if they’re dying’

    A Chinese journalist has posted a heartbreaking video showing hospitals in Wuhan overflowing with patients, some lying on waiting room seats and others hooked up to oxygen tanks in hallways.

    At one point in the video Chen Qiushi — whose name and image have been censored on Chinese social media platforms — films a dead patient sitting in a wheelchair, as a relative stands behind him holding his head up.

    Meanwhile, satellite imagery from Planet Labs Inc. has highlighted the impact of the outbreak and lockdown on the usually bustling metropolis of 11 million people.

    Before-and-after images taken on January 12 and January 28 of the Wuchang Railway Station and the Yingwuzhou Yangtze River Bridge show residential streets and motorways nearly deserted and shipping activity halted.


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    Was there meant to be an influx of tourism from China for the Chinese New Year? Cause I just find it hard to fathom a shit ton of Chinese people saving up money and travelling to South Carolina for a celebration lol and if the celebration most attendees live in the area anyway then I don't see what stopping Chinese New Year will accomplish other than mass crowds.

    It just seems a bit ignorant to cancel an event for a culture because a virus originated in that said culture half way around the world it almost seems like koodies, if the Chinaman in China has the disease we can't trust the Chinese living here either.

    That makes me feel sad.
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    I thought it was a bit ignorant at first too, like oh no a bunch of Chinese Americans are going to gather in one place, we cant have that, the virus is IN THEIR DNA :runs in hysteria:

    But then I read they cancelled it because some of the organizers of the event just got back from a trip to Wuhan and are having to get tested for the virus. So that makes sense
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