2007 Gold: Koopa's Top Hash and Weed Picks

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by koopa, May 15, 2007.

  1. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster


    1. Red Diesel--Amnesia Barneys 1g @ 12e 5g @ 55e
    2. East Coast Trainwreck--Noon 1g @ 12e
    3. MKUltra--The Coin 1g @ 13e
    4. Sourlope--Grey Area 1g @ 13,50e 5g @ 62,50e
    5. Blueberry Haze--Noon
    6. Willie Nelson--Barneys 1g @ 13e
    7. Super Silver Haze (don’t remember where skyhigh got it)
    8. Reclining Buddha--Tweede Kamer 1g @ 12e
    9. NL5xHaze --Rokerij Singel 1g @ 12,50e
    10. Bubblope--Grey Area 1g @ 10e 5g @ 47,50e
    11. Schroom--Grey Area 1g @ 11,50e 5g @ 55e
    12. Nightshade--Barneys 1g @ 12e
    13. Alaskan Ice-- Greenhouse Centrum 1g @ 10,50e
    14. Mekong Haze--Amnesia 1g @ 13e
    15. Old Skool Silver Haze--MH 1g @ 7e
    16. Hawaiian Snow--Greenhouse T. 1g @ 10e
    17. Grey Haze--Grey Area 1g @ 11,50e 5g @ 55e
    18. Chocolope--Grey Area 1g @ 13,50e 5g @ 62,50e
    19. Great White Shark--De Rokerij Singel
    20. Beetlejuice--WW's Sensi CS
    21. Ketel Deluxe--t Ketjle CS
    22. Burmese Kush--Pink Floyd 1g @ 10e
    23. Jack Herrer--Bluebird 1.9g @ 12,50e
    24. Baba Haze--Bushdoctor 2.0g @ 20e
    25. Sweet Tooth--Barneys 5g @ 45e
    26. Blueberry--De Kuil CS (potent..not blueberryish)
    27. Super Shiva--Rokerij Amstel
    28. Elephant--Abraxas Spuistraat 1g @ 9e
    29. Apple Jack--Abraxas Spuistraat
    30. Silver Pearl—Greenhouse Namaste 1g @ 7,40 euro


    1. MKUltra--The Coin (strongest body buzz)
    2. East Coast Trainwreck--Noon (great hashy flavor, well
    cured, enjoyable high)
    3. Reclining Buddha--Tweede Kamer (excellent organic flavor)
    4. Nightshade--Barneys (very potent and dense)
    5. Burmese Kush--Pink Floyd (potent and dense)


    1. Willie Nelson--Barneys (not most potent but
    most lucid clean sativa)
    2. Super Silver Haze (very potent)
    3. Grey Haze--Grey Area (hazy taste, potent)
    4. Old Skool Silver Haze--MH (very potent, lacked
    5. Alaskan Ice-- Greenhouse Centrum (excellent cooling effect
    on lips)
    6. Mekong Haze--Amnesia (excellent asian taste)

    NOTE: Honorable Mention Annanuki from Grey Area which I didn’t get to try but everybody raved about it.


    1. Jelly Hash--Kashmir lounge 1g @ 18e
    2. Dutch Moonshine--Dampkring 1g @ 40e
    3. Bubblelator--La Tertulia 0.6g @ 12e 5g medallions @ 100e
    4. Warm Ears--Global Chillage 1g @ 12,50e
    5. Dutch Moonshine--Dampkring 1g @ 25e
    6. Blue Special--Blue Lagoon CS 1g @ 12,50e
    7. Nepal--Abraxas 1g @ 9,50e
    8. Iceolator--Bluebird 0.5g @ 12,50e
    9. Danai Hash--Bluebird 0.9g @ 12,50e
    10. Tbizla--Willie Wortals Indica 1g @ 8,50e
    11. Primero--Willie Wortals 1g @ 8e
    12. Polm Gold--Coffeeshop 96 1g @ 10e
    13 Texels Finest--Kashmir Lounge 1g @ 6e
    14. Sahara—Softland2 1g @ 7,50e
    15. Kashmir—Old Church 2g @ 12e


    1. Jelly Hash--Kashmir lounge (very oily, very pliable, value)
    2. Dutch Moonshine--Dampkring (very potent and smooth)
    3. Bubblelator--La Tertulia (very potent)
    4. Dutch Moonshine--Dampkring (very potent)
    5. Iceolator--Bluebird (very pliable and oily, potent)
    6. Danai Hash--Bluebird (very pliable and oily)
    7. Nepal--Abraxas (potent, very enjoyable high)
    8. Primero--Willie Wortals (potent, good value)
    9. Kashmir—Old Church (terrible)


    1. Warm Ears--Global Chillage a wonderful quality high .. real headrush
    2. Blue Special--Blue Lagoon CS a soft pliable quality morroccon with potency
    3. Tbizla--Willie Wortals Indica a soft pliable quality hash at excellent price
    4. Polm Gold--Coffeeshop 96 decent polm, too expensive
    5. Texels Finest--Kashmir Lounge great potency for the price
    6. Sahara—Softland2 decent with a fair price

    Anne over at Channels asked me for a "grand total" and I think you will see just how possible it is for some people like Volcanfuel and myself to spend this much on gear......

    6 of the 30 varieties of weed i listed were given to me so they were free.


    i purchased more than the amount listed on some of the strains above.

    atleast 586.90 EURO

    atleast 279.70 EURO

    atleast 866.60 EURO
  2. cadcruzer

    cadcruzer Sailing the 8 seas

    sweet list, do you take notes? i easily spent over 1k euro "just 6 days",now i dont feel so bad. not to mention the 600+ care package. i just printed your list it will go with me on my next journey sometime late this year.
  3. skyhigh420

    skyhigh420 Member

    Jeez that was a lot of weed!! Plus all the stuff i bought (not as much but still a lot) that was one hell of a weeklong smokeout!!
    Nice list BTW i fully agree.
  4. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    sweet! rock on cc.....
    hopefully the selections will hold up over time. but if you spend as much as you said, you probably know what to buy and what not too :)
  5. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    Dude that smokout was formidable!!!!!
  6. a-dam

    a-dam Member

    This is beyond impressive -- it's a work of art. What more can I say. Thanks for providing a road map for my next visit.
  7. rogga

    rogga Member


    Dude…your "2007 Gold: Koopa's Top Hash and Weed Picks" post is info I’ve been looking for to help base my gear budget. I’ll be in Holland for two weeks in April. Do you know if your top five weed and hash preferences are found elsewhere in Holland, but at prices less than in Amsterdam? BTW, how long were you in Amsterdam for that amazing smoke out that cost 866 euros total for your gear?

    I plan on having a good time, bro, but I'm going to need to be blind stoned if I budget 866 euros for two weeks worth of gear!


  8. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    Hey Rogga,

    Glad you found that post informative. I haven't searched through the rest of Holland for such pics but from my experience, while you will save 1-3 euro's per gram if you purchase outside of amsterdam, you will usually spend that savings on the traveling costs. Also other cities besides mokum don't have as many coffeeshops either so if you don't know exactly where to go, it can consume lots of time / money / and not always produce the gear you expected.

    That vacation was 9 nights / 10 days and yes I do smoke from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. My best recommendation is to use the 2007 gold thread as a "loose guide". Perhaps look at which coffeeshops I got the best samples from and then visit those shops more often. But when at those shops, take a look at their current inventory and purchase what looks / smells best to you!

    BTW Weed Pics 1-20 were all really good "stand out quality" samples.

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