2 Year Old Vicodin

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by gnomefootlocker, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Hey, i have a bottle of Vicodin 7.5-750 that is almost 2 years old. Is it still viable? Any dangers in taking hydrocodone this old? Thanks for the replies.
  2. also i am a little worried about taking too much acetaminophen. How much is a maximum per dose i would be able to take?
  3. OXYmoron

    OXYmoron Member

    I should think that it would be fine as most pills take like 4 years to expire and they were probably quite fresh when they were filled, as vicodin is a pretty commonly used drug. Even if they were a little old, I dont see any real problem in taking them, except maybe for a slight decrease in effectiveness. In response to the whole APAP question, try not to exceed 1000 mg in a single dose. That is the official limit I think.
  4. but on the bottle it says take 1-2 pills. one pill is 750mg. wouldnt 2 pills exceed that dose limit?
  5. Morphoxycode1

    Morphoxycode1 Member

    They're fine after only 2 years. The opiate in them should still be potent and as long as they don't smell like someone who's been drinking (a pharmacist I worked with long ago told me acetaminophen will have this smell when it breaks down, just as aspirin smells of vinegar.) Most medicines last longer than the listed shelf life if they're stored right. You'd actually be safe with 3 at once, but any more than that and you'll want to do a CWE first. The maximum dose for Tylenol over a 24 hour period is 4,000mg. 3 of these will put you around 2,000mg, which is high for a single dose, but if you don't do it all the time, won't mess you up.
  6. OxyGod

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    Between 2-3000 mgs acetaminophen isn't that bad. Lots of people push it even further. I recommend you keep it below 3500 at the most. That's what I use. But I have high tolerance. I recommend you use the least amount it takes you to really feel the nod, and days between dosing to keep your tolerance low.
  7. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    I recommend you do a cold water extraction.

    Use the search bar on this site or in google.
  8. Oxyrisin2

    Oxyrisin2 Member

    Dude,There is no such thing as 2 yr. 0ld vics..Atleast not in my house..:DThere fine and safe to take. If stored right there good for years.
    Also keep it below 4000mgs a day
  9. Humminbird

    Humminbird Member

    yea, that stuff just doesn't keep around my house either. I dunno what it is! ;)
  10. cool. and hypothedically if someone was going to sell pills like these. How much would one be worth?
  11. weallhumalong

    weallhumalong Member

  12. IllCanabillyVanilly

    IllCanabillyVanilly Senior Member

    7.5s i usually get for 2 a piece
  13. Wow, screw that. Not worth it at all. Thanks for the replies. I think ill try a cold water extraction
  14. Yep, CWE all of them then drink and refrigerate.
  15. Would a coffee filter work well for the extraction?
  16. weallhumalong

    weallhumalong Member

    i would use an old t shirt first, coffee filter has been too fine for the first filtering in my experiences

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