2 puke or not 2 puke?

Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by ancient powers, May 18, 2007.

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    Hey everyone! not a very interseting subject unless you drink the juice of the psychoactive trichocerious like the ancient peruvian shamens. Except I juice the skins and increase the alkaloid content of my brews without the long painful and hard to hide process of boiling for many hours. Recently SWIM at work told me that when eating peyote or taking mescaline plant sources that you must puke in order to trip. Which we all know is bullshit! But he has eatin the peyote and I havent. I have the trich and he no! anyhow! In my last attempts at juice drinking I took 8-12oz = 2ft and slamed the whole thing. 45min later Im puking and shiting myself very hard. Almost like dying. Feeling like I lost most of the mescaline I did trip very nicely. Next attempt I used only 1ft 4-6oz of juice drank plenty of water to thin it out and held it down throughout the whole trip. It seemed stronger than the last but all the bulk within that never came without made the trip heavy and dark. whereas the puking made me feel light and clean. Can anyone expain this phenomenon? e;)!

    P.S. Next time Im taking 5ft 24oz and Im gonna puke! :party:

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    I've done peyote 10 times + and everytime except for 2 I puked. But it really isn't a bad thing because you don't get that sensation of "oh my god I feel like crap and I gotta hurl", with mescaline it feels as natural as walking and is more like "oh, i have to go throw up now" and than you do it. it's really no big deal.

    for me the peyote really kicks in either after I first puke or after I pee or shit. It's like when I go into the bathroom, let some stuff out, get up and look in the mirror that it all begins :)

    My longest experience was about 26 hours, and this was after I underestimated the amount of food that I had eaten. Because it took literally 8 hours to begin, but once it did.....CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF !!!!
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    I've never puked from it, but I generally take 1 Dramamine and eat ginger throughout the experience. It's always stopped the nausea completely except for Friday night. I drank 50 grams of t. peruvianus in a tea and my stomach was upset for most of the 10 hour trip.

    Either way, I've always thought it is best to keep it down. Puking seems like a waste to me, at least if you have not given it time to absorb. This makes me favor extracted alkaloids which usually give me far less nausea than nasty cactus mass.
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    You don't say weather you remove the core of the cacti AO before you juicify(is that a word) it, but if you don't you should. I've done san pedro, peruvian torch and peyote, and I can now say without a doubt, after using the core and discarding the core, nausea and diahrea are almost certanly caused mostly by whatever is in the core. Hope that helps in the future. Stiney.

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