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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Goin Dam, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Goin Dam

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    Would recommend any advise ref below, staying in DAM square next month for a couple of nights.:)
    Looking forward to smoking, legally!:cool: wud like to know of some good places in DAM square if poss.
    Wife wud love to see live show ,:H prefer M/F action, (I prefer a little F/F), dont want to get ripped off or end up at some sleazy den!!! any advise wud help.

    Cheers to one and all.


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    I've never been, but Cassa Rossa is a live show. Handful of different
    acts lasting over an hour. You can't miss the building, just look for
    the large neon elephant sign and the Phallic shaped fountain outside.

    Rumour has it, you can bargain the entrance price, by not paying the
    full rip off price that includes free drinks. People say that the show is
    interesting more than erotic.
  3. bigmyq

    bigmyq Member

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    I went to Casa Rossa last year... It was kinda cool (I was super stoned). I wasn't really turned on by it, and suprisingly that night most of the clientel were female...

    DSPSYSSTS Member

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    Why not save your money, go get stonned, have a quick wank then buy lots of doughnuts instead?

  5. dhs

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    Check out whats going on at the Melk Weg would be my recommendation for live music. The zoo is a rather cool place to go after a nice smoke. Van Gogh museum speaks for itself - fantastic. Be leary of the Reichts (sp) as when I went they were charging full boat and only like 10% of the museum was open.
  6. garf12

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    I would recommend Casa Rossa mainly just to say you went. I went to Amsterdam for my second time this past November and visited Casa Rossa for the first time. Its really a pretty big tourist trap but fairly entertaining. I think we paid like around 40 euros for unlimitied time in with 1 drink included and then we could go to the Banna Bar and drink unlimited drinks for free for 1 hour. The banna bar was so damn nasty though, we got out of there the second our free hour of drinks ended. All the girls were very nasty looking and they would get up on the bar and shoot dildos out at you, very nasty.

    I was just looking through some of my pictures from my last trip. The attached pictures is what you have to look foward to....

    EDIT - I just remembered I saw the craziest thing I have ever seen at Casa Rossa. On one of the acts a lady came out and smoked a cigar out of her twat, it was nuts. Me and all my frieds were sooooo stoned so we were cracking up so hard, it was halarious.
  7. Goin Dam

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    garf12 thanks for the info, taking into account what you said is it actually safe for me & the missus to go there? Are there any other visiting women that go?

    Wud not want to upset the 'celebrities' on show!!!:)

    Cheers to the others for info as well, including the great advise from DSPSYSSTS, do that already, time for a change!:) :)
  8. Old Hippie Dave

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    I got in for €20 with no drinks I think I wrote a report about it I'll try to find it

  9. Old Hippie Dave

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    here ya go it was the 3rd week in august............

    yup the Cassa rosa

    the place was packed
    over half women
    cool sound system
    I got a seat 4 row back on the ile
    this black couple were going at it and then it was over

    moved up to the second row

    this hot looking blond comes out and starts to do a strip
    poll dancing on these 3" clear polls with bubbles coming up
    her tits looked fake but she had a nice looking ass

    pull out this big silver hart shape pad and lays down
    oh did I mention she had this like cat of nine tails
    she starts to do her thing and this round stage starts rising up and turning
    well she sticks the handel up there for a little while and thats it

    next this guy comes out dressed like a cop with a big flashlight
    pulls this nice looking girl out of the audance and starts to frisk her
    puts her in a chair and strips shes digen it
    all rubbing and stuff
    he blindfolds her and pors oil of his leg and haves her rub it in and all over
    all this time he got a fake dick in his hand
    he has her touch it real quick a couple of times and then sticks it in her face
    funnie shit
    these two come out
    really nice looking brunet
    by now i"m in the first row center
    the thing turning around is like 4 foot away
    these to screwed a while nad that was it

    next show this grim repper chick comes with this big cycle
    she looke egipitan to me
    she strips down and puts this big pentagram thing on the groung
    lights this candle a starst to drip wax on herself
    eventualy--yup thats right--she sticks the lit candle up there and dances around on the floor a bit
    well it started to get boring so I split
  10. monosphere

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    hehe I went with a couple people from these forums to Casa Rossa. It's true. Kinda interesting to watch, but definitely not what I would consider erotic. The sex is too choreographed to take it seriously. In an hour period you get 3 strip shows and 3 sex shows. At the end, the stripper brought a few guys up to the stage to dance with her and do the conga. Then some guy in a gorilla outfit and a big strap-on came out and did the conga behind the guys, who immediately jumped back and started tripping out a bit. Then the girl inserted a banana into her pussy and invited the guys to bite off the other end. Then she gets up, jerks off the gorilla dude, who ejaculates all over the front row. It was hilarious! Definitely worth going to just to say you've done it.

    Not too far south of Casa Rossa you'll make your way to the Hemp Museum, which is a cool place to check out, but do it in the day. Sometimes they have vaporizer demonstrations going on and you can get a good buzz from that place before you leave. That also puts you very close to a ton of coffeeshops. They're everywhere, but it seems that a large number of them are just south of the RLD.

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