1st time to dam square will we enjoy it?

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by lusamoel, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Me and my misses are off to amsterdam on the 7th march only for 2 days
    and would like to make the most of it.
    My misses smokes blow (weed) every weekend i have tryed it and makes me a little green :confused: but i am gona try some anyway :) .
    We was thinking on trying something else and was wondering what to go for
    we havnt done anything except weed and would like something to get a buzz and chill out with but not like Extasy or speed as they just keep you going.
    Would ketamine be ok and is it availible there.
    Failing that then is there a REALY god joint we can try that will send us off to lala land.
    This is my 1st post in a forum so please dont flame me.
    All the very best kevin
    ps What a Awsum forum this is...
    pps anyone going to be there on the 7 8 9 march?
  2. mafuman

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    you can get shrooms at the smart shop. they come in varying degrees of fuckedupedness. the stores are very informative so you know what you are getting into.


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    Why not try some other smart shop products.?
    I don't recommend scoring stuff like ketamin off street dealers though.
    Ketamin is like horse tranquiliser for me, personally I didn't like it.
  4. lusamoel

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    Thank guys i will take your advise as i know no different.

    But what do you think we shaould try ? any think in particular?
    I looked at a few smart shops on the net but they seem to sell mostly herbal
    i know this can be as strong as other things but as i have no clue would not know what to look out for realy.
    And is there a any smartshops around dam square?
    We are both in our 30's and quite fit and dont realy get out a lot with having 4 kids so we just want something to remember or NOT as the case might be :)
    But thanx for the replies and any help will be appriciated.
    We have just the flights over there at the moment as was thinking of looking for a hotel whilest over there maybe asking tourist info, Do you think this is wise. As all i can see on the net is brokers that advertise hotels and take a cut of the price paid. Cheeres peeps :)


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    Sorry I really don't know much about smart products or if they are any good.
    I keep reading mixed reviews about them, hopefully somebody else can help
    you there, or possibly try and check the Psychedelic section in the Forums.
    Some good smart shops
    Conscious Dreams - Warmoesstraat
    Innerspace - Spuistraat & Staalstraat

    As far as hotels are concerned, it does pay to look when you get there as
    sometimes you are able to knock the price down. Not all actually advertise
    with the tourist board. I found mine by just looking for an hour or so.
  6. dmgreen

    dmgreen ~Hugz 4 All~

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    Maybe you should just smoke some hash! You can buy hash joints almost anywhere and that will give you and your miss' a chill buzz. Shrooms may be a little much for you if you turn green from smokin' weed.
    Good luck man and never be affraid to try something new.......you may like it! :)
  7. Griffster

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    carful with the mushies.advise that should be heeded
  8. jennifericous

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    the herbal products in the smart shop give you a really good high. the liquid x they sell is the best substitute ive ever tried. and i had tried a few. but i would reccommend taking double the recommended dose. and to be careful because it can be a bit sickening on the tummy.
    also if you want to have a really good laugh. buy the mexican mushrooms in the smartshop, they are not trippy and are just like being really really really high. they're very sociable and good to do in a crowded place or with a group of people. and they dont taste as bad and aren't as sickening, so you should have fun.
    if you dont smoke weed much, then any of the weed you smoke is going to be great. i advise you to go to barneys and splash out on something like, stella blue. good high, but most of all great taste.
    im so jealous its your first time, and its gonna be great. but please dont be upset and hate it after your first night because that is always the worst. i dont know anyone that enjoyed their first night in amsterdam.
    i know i didn't it was my first time being away from my parents and i really felt like i was so independent and all on my own and that freaked me out. dont be dismayed after you end up tucked up in bed at 11 on your first night, amsterdam is a very intense city, but once you get used to it you'll love it like i do

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    "1st time to dam square will we enjoy it?"

    Does the Pope shit in the woods?...are bears catholic?...you WILL enjoy.

    The dope in Amsterdam is much stronger/fresher than most of the stuff you get here in the UK...you will feel very stoned.

    "Would ketamine be ok"...no...you will have difficulty finding it...will risk being ripped off or arrested and if you do find it probably won't appreciate the effects. Stick with enjoying the best choices of dope on the planet.

    "Failing that then is there a REALY god joint we can try that will send us off to lala land."

    Check out coffeeshop Greyarea for cheap pure joints...they are small...but one will be enough. Enjoy Lala. Give my regards to God.

    Check this link for smartshops:


    Mushrooms and cacti work...don't waste your money on the herbal viagra etc.

    So check out Greyarea, Baba and of course "The Favourite Joint of Oceans 12" complete with pics of Brad Pitt and Gorgeous George The Dampkring.

    This link will aid you on your stumbling around.

  10. smlchance

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    You will have a BLASTY!

    A good idea is to check out the map at coffeeshopsfreeuk.com (sorry if that's not the right addy, but look around and you'll find it) If you have a good idea of the layout before you get there it will help a lot.

    I was there 11-20 Jan and there were TONS of hotel rooms available so you won't have any problem finding one. We made the mistake of booking a room through the GWK Travelex in Centraal Station. It was convenient but not the best deal. They charged a fee of 10.75e. The lady said our hotel was "very close" but it turned out to be 20+ minute walk through the rain. She could have told us to get on the tram and take it two stops and we would have fared much better. She said it was four stars but was three stars. It was the Hotel Nes and cost 65e night for a two-bed room. It had a great bathroom with bathtub. Of course there was not an ounce of space but that's typical. The window opened on a nice canal with a fancy building beautifully lit up at night. Not that I watched it, but there was a porn channel with some of the most beautiful women ever. :) Hotel also had an elevator which was wicked helpful.

    When I missed my flight I stayed at the Hotel Aroza which is a hostel very close to the train station. I planned on just staying out all night but saw that they had beds for 15e so I couldn't pass it up, even if just to stow my shit. I ended up sleeping for a few hours and the guy on duty woke me up in time for my plane. An excellent bloke! The place was clean but seemed VERY rundown so might not be suitable for a lot of ppl.

    The first two nights there we stayed at the International Budget Hostel and paid 22e each for a bed in an 8-bed room. We were the only ppl in the room which was cool. Not cool was the WCs which were not big enough to breathe in. It did, however, have a nice lounge with tv for hanging out. It would have been cooler if there were ppl to talk to.

    Smart shops:
    Once my friend and I tried some herbal ecstasy and it had a marvelous happy, soft effect. Another time I got some powderey thing from a headshop and put it in tea before I got on my plane. Not much of an effect but I slept most of the flight across the atlantic. Never tried shrooms but I think I will next time I'm there.

    Be sure to come back and let us know how it went!

  11. lusamoel

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    Thats realy good help i think that we will stay away from the ket and maybee the mushies. But what is liquid X jenn? you have all been so helpfull and i will def take everyones advice, Its good to know that we shouldnt have a problem getting a room.
    I think i have had all the info i need realy I will put all the pictures up on a web page or on here for you to have a laugh at, And no holds barred they will be all up there ;)
    If i can add any of you as my buddy then Please let me know :)) all the best kevin.

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