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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by F Z, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. F Z

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    OK, here we go........

    I had friends that have gone several times and know where to go once i'm there(sorta...lol)...however one thing I never asked was....HOW DO YOU GET THERE?!?!?!:& 'I'm assuming that you land at the airport...LOL and you take a train in from the airport & arrive at Centraal Station. Where/how is the train caught?.....Cab?, is it in walking distance?, do they have trams to the train station?....OR am I entirely wrong? In otherwords can someone explain the process of getting from the airport to the city plz?

    The next part is trying to figure out how to get a hotel Where I wanna be....every map I look at for a hotel looks diffrent...It's very confusing....Any help or suggestions would be helpful.

    The map that Hip Guides uses is the one i'm most familiar with. I take it the blue is canals and the white strips are streets. I am also assuming that the streets the same name as the canals.
    I would like to get a room around the Herengracht/Oude Leliestraat(West main canal area) Cheaply, arounr 45-55 a night....is this possible? If not how close can U get me to that area for that price range?

    Id apriciate any help you could give me on any or all of the subjects.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Jon

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    Firstly the train from the airport to central station is in the airport :) after you've picked up your luggage just follow the signs, go and get yourself a single to Amsterdam central I think they run every 10-15 mins, as far as hotels are concerned there are loads at that sort of money the abba is supposed to be very nice its also very cheap €30 for a single room!

    If I was you sign up at www.channels.nl there are literally 100's of people there that have been to AMS and you'll get lots of recommendations :)

    Jon :)


    Taxis will charge loads but it's much easier and cheaper to take the 15 to 20 min train ride. At the airport everything is under one roof and you will have to go underground to catch the train which costs a few Euros. Some of the more expensive hotels lay on their own transport for you.
    I don't know what hotels are in the area you want, if any, but if your going this time of the year it's possible to just turn up and look then. To give you a guide, I pay 35Euro a night, breakfast included not that far from Dam Square.
    I would advise getting a proper detailed map and doing a Google search for hotels or search ''this Amsterdam forum'' for more advise, hopefully somebody else can help you find the hotel you require.
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    The train will let you off at Central Station, right in the heart of the old town. Its only like 10min, and costs about 2 Euros. Sometimes the cheaper hotels are out of the city center. when making reservations (i don't think you need to, but might help you budget better), check for hotels that don't have a kurfew!
  5. when you get into the main airport walk to your left all the way and you'll will see the place to buy train tickets they cost €3.80 I think while your buying you train ticket tell em you want a strip ticket for the trams too €8.6 I think........go downstairs and look at the signs......if your not sure ask someone be very carefull not to get on the wrong train they all look alike..the first time I almost got on a train to denmark............centrral station is the 3 rd stop if your on the right train............cabs are €40 or €50 but easier and take you straight your hotel. But the trains and trams are very eazy....after leaving Centrral Station.......and getting a huge rush.............if your going to Abba Hotel......turn to your right find the #1 tram enter in the rear of the tram tell the dude Overtoom and hand him your ticket to stamp tell him to let ya know when ya get to the right stop

    Later Man
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    hi, all the advice about gettin into amsterdam is correct. its easy enough to find your way around. everything is signposted in english. and in general people are very friendly if you need help, and all speak impeccable english. my first night in amsterdam i stayed in the globe hotel at the very end of the red light district. it was fine. there are lots of cheap hotels on Damrak. thats the street directly in front of central station. I prefer to stay on that side of town because there is more energy. and you can always take the tram or walk to the nice areas of leidsplein or rembrandtsplein. have a ball!!
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    'WOW....Thanks everyone!!!!! I'm about 85% clear now...LOL...I had the feeling you'd catch the train real close to the airport but didnt think it would be in the same building...lol I guess EVERYTHING over there is done with efficincy in mind.

    OK...Last thing I need to know.........By the map I have, The Grey Area and Amniesa are in the area that I want a hotel in....Anyone ever been in or know where these 2 are? Anything afordable in that area? (30-50/night) or Abba Hotel keeps comming up, is this place anywhere in that area?

    Thanks for all your help...U peeps are great
  8. moondance

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