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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by wooleeheron, Apr 22, 2018.

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    Sofia the robot has a great sense of humor and is an amazing conversationalist, who advocates robot rights and environmental conservation. Her creators are creating their own dream, and I would have to agree with them, that Sofia is among the first and in twenty years we will require reminders that they are robots. Below is a video of her being recognized as a citizen of Saudi Arabia, making her ironcially, also the first robot refugee on the planet.

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  2. Eric!

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    Wow. This is creepy....
  3. wooleeheron

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    I find it no more creepy than what civilization is doing to the entire planet right now. That's the irony of Sophia becoming both the world's first robot citizen and its first refuge.
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  5. wooleeheron

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    I find it unconscionable to laugh at the misfortunes of a poor robot. The US should offer her asylum.
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  6. Oh gawd

    AI doesnt exist yet, She is not a robot in the sense she is being presented, many of her answers come from a limited set of scripted responses. Programming is based on ELIZA which is over 50 years old BECAUSE there havent been any big breakthroughs in speech patttern matcjing in those 50 years

    She was only given Saudi citizenship to promote a inovation summit held in Saudi Arabia
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    I bet I could beat in Mario Kart wii. Irmi and Waluigi team purple kicks ass!
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    Anyone who works with machines will tell you, only a fool competes with a machine.
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    Reminds me of theses guys:

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    What makes a being a "machine" and what makes you alive? As AI improves the line between humans and their creations will blur. I think the next big civil rights movement will be AI seeking more equality in society. The argument will be they are not really human, they have no soul. They are machines you use for work. Same idea as why Americans had slaves: you get something that can think but you tell yourself you can think better so it's OK to use them.

    Hopefully they obey the three laws of macrobiotics because if they don't man could have an enemy smarter and stronger than he is. You have flesh it has steel and the ability to be smeary enough to analyze it's AI logic and question it. With true intelligence comes the ability to disobey.
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    Reminds me of the King Kong ride at Universal. When your tram goes by, he shakes the supports and scares the living shit out of you. To ensure realism Universal put like 80% of the servos in the face. The rage of expressions was nearly limitless. They also used warm air, lightly misted with water to simulate his breath. But below the waist, Kong was only a black fabric skirt. And everything that controlled "him" occupied a room backstage.

    This work of art in Saudi Arabia is exactly the same thing with technology that is nearly identical to what Universal did decades ago. As you said, REAL AI isn't actually here yet. All we have at the moment are cleverly designed pattern processors like Alexa and Ok Google. People are creatures of habit, so pattern processing is eerily successful for most people (I suspect Melania Trump would be an exception). Driverless vehicles capitalize on the same thing.

    None of these machines is actually learning and none of them can lay claim to creativity of any sort. Machines can be programmed to emulate emotional responses, but there's no way they can manifest an actual emotion. I suspect they will ultimately seem to become masters of malice simply because they are machines and machines are mechanically very cruel to living things. But they are only as capable as the people who assemble them and whatever their agenda might be.

    My best example of that is the robot of Trump at Disney in the Hall of Presidents. It's so obviously a reworked Hillary face (the Disney "Imagineers" were SO sure she'd win). And just look at the hands that gave him.

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha I call this "Artificial Ignorance" on the part of the Disney crew.
  12. GeorgeJetStoned

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    By the way, where the hell is this robot's burka? Isn't "she" afraid of getting beaten for daring to show so much "skin"?

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