1-year anniversary of Phish disbandment

Discussion in 'Music' started by Major Peacenik, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. That's right. On August 15th, 2004, the boys from Burlington put down their instruments and called it quits.

    I've been depressed all day, and yesterday as well... "The Curtain With" is playing and replaying in my mind... I've basically been comatose with angst for the past 48 hours, with no end in sight.

    "I woke up one morning in November, and I realized I love you."

    Oh, Mike, so did I-- but it was an April afternoon around 4 o'clock when I got my first Phish orgasm from a deep, swampy, surging Free.

    "I'll travel with you, you're my sweet one."

    Jon, Fish, namesake, I'd travel as far as it took just to see you... and although the four of you may be seperated, I send my love and hope on planes, trains, cars, trucks, and buses until the good feelings reach each one of you.

    "My frozen heart begins to thaw and burn, 'til layer after layer melts away into a pool."

    Page, your warm chords and clear voice relieved me in some of my darkest hours. You and your bandmates' ideals of freedom and originality gave me a base from which I extended my own creativity... for the first time in my life, the people I looked up to were encouraging me to travel as far I as could go. You gave me a new definition of beauty, and showed me that achievement requires unrelenting dedication. You lifted me from my teenage pettiness and showed me a new way.

    "This isn't really a stupid song, this is, this is a special song... this is an important song.. this is a dance song!"

    That's right, Trey-- every song was a special song. Your optimism, determination, confidence, and skill made it so. Your dedication to the band and sense of humor continue to inspire me.

    Thank you, Phish. I will never forget you, as long as I live.

    Happy anniversary, everyone.
  2. OUR LOVE SHALL NOT FADEAWAY! I was there, i watched them leave the stage, in sadness. i've never seen that. they were always there the next night, or the next tour. I always left with inspirtion...that day i left in a depressed funk. not knowing when i would see, that great of a show again.....people talk alot a shit about Coventry, but even in their most fragile and broken down emotional state, they still put on a better show than any band.......i still have hope, in fact, i know they will be back.....they will never get that same high with anyother band, just as i will never get the same high with any other band.........i've seen great shows, and had lots of fun at other shows.....but their is something undefinable about a PHISH experience, every show is good, but sometimes you get that perfect show that defines your life for years to come.....
  3. sheeprooter

    sheeprooter Member

    if they create a coventry DVD i will be a very happy man

    what a trip. literally. walked 14 miles.
  4. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    yay! here's to another phishless year!
  5. I haven't listened to them since, I can't, And Trey has such an ego right now it makes me sick......I was at the last Deer Creek shows, they were magical..couldn't make coventry,because of a disibility at the time.

    PHISH come back!
  6. sheeprooter

    sheeprooter Member

    at the risk of being unpopular....

    im GLAD trey had an ego. he was the best musician in the band. all of those euphoric moments i had at shows were due to climaxes from his raging solos, while the rest of th band were a backdrop. more power to him
  7. oh god, the trey 'ego' thing again....what are you talking about? he has mike come out and rip it up with him all the time, playing songs like 'old habits are hard to break', "back on the train", "waste", and "wolfmans".....his new songs are so sick.....when PHISH returns they will make them even better....

    as for trey being the best and the others being back up, i really have to disagree......Trey is wonderful, my favorite guitar player, but Mike Gordon, Page McConnell and John Fishman, are way beyond back up.....this band was a full force, moving like a wave in the ocean....one mass, creating this beautiful spectacle.....trey solo is great, but nothing like phish....the magic of those four guys is unmatched....

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