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    Just a fun little thread. Start in the year 1000 AD, and add one year each post. All you have to do is state something that happened in that year and identify your source. So I'll start with the year 1000, then the next poster will do the year 1001 and so on until we get to the year 2000 :mickey:

    Soooo ... in the year 1000 the king of England (that is to say Aethelred II, "the Unready") went into Cumberland and ravaged very nearly all of it, while his ships ravaged the Isle of Man (source: Anglo-Saxon Chronicles)
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    In India Turkish Muslims sweep through the Northwest under Mahmud of Ghazni, defeating Jayapala of Hindu Shahi Dynasty of S. Afghanisthan and Punjab at Peshawar. This is the first major Muslim conquest in India.


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