07 High Times Cannabis Cup

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by yogibear, May 25, 2007.

  1. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    Has anyone be to a Cup? Is it worth attending? I've heard that it's be in decline.
  2. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    well it was a rip off in 1998 so if its gone down hill since then i can't imagine what it is now.
  3. ispica

    ispica Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I think that the Cannabis Cup is going to be replaced by the "Pig Cup."

    Members of the Piggy Americans Elite "Hotch Committe" are obliged, according to the Piggy American Manifesto, to lead a September crawl through the city to sample the latest crops in advanced preparation for the 2008 Queen's Day bash.

    I think air fair is pretty cheap in the fall and we can probobly put together a fairly inexpensive long weekend package
  4. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    Sounds like a great plan. I'll check my airfare's. Are there any dates that are better that others. I'm thinking Labor Day weekend plus.
    :party: :party:
  5. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    Well it's a done deal got my moe tickets and Hostel purchased just waiting for a goo fare. The best so far is $650.00 as the date approches fares should drop I'm hoping. Any other Hip Forums Piggies going to be in town? If so I'll see you there.:party:
  6. buckeye guy

    buckeye guy Member

    Sorry, Yogi. This Piggy did his mid-winter Amsterdam trip last year over New Years. Meeting all the Piggish Americans and hopping on that QD cruise taught me to visit AMS in the spring from now on. I'm saving my days so I can arrive early and stay later over the holiday, as I was a little sore at having to leave the NL so soon after QD this year. I hope your trip is a success and with any luck, will see you next QD!! I dropped you a line...check your VT homepage.


    ill be there,nov 12 thru the 26th,i like the cup personnally,alot of good info is exchanged and learned and plenty of free samples for all
  8. mopperm1

    mopperm1 Member

    have a great time yogi, just make sure your there come spring 2008!!

  9. yogibear

    yogibear Member

    Looking forward to Q-Day crusin with the piggies. See you all in April.

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