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HipForums.com is a group effort, requiring a significant amount of user support. That means it exists thanks to the generous donations and contributions of members like you.

As thanks for supporting the site, we offer extra benefits like more file storage and features (see list below). Please Subscribe Now! to take advantage of all HipForums has to offer.


Feature Unregistered New Member Member Senior Member Annual/Chatroom
Requirements N/A Register 20 Posts
+5 Days*
1000 Posts
+90 Days*
PMs 0 0 250 1,000 15,000 65,000
# of Total Pix 0 25 100 250 20,000 UNLIMITED!
Pix Storage 0 1MB 10MB 20MB 5Gigs UNLIMITED!
Image Size Limit 0 100K 150K 150K 250K 250K
Image Dimensions 0 800x800 1024x1024 1024x1024 1200x1200 1200x1200
Attachment Space 0 1MB 5MB 10MB 150MB 1Gig
Avatar Size N/A 50x50 50x50 80x80 120x120 120x120
Custom Avatar
Embed Videos
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Customize Profile
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Chat Access

Please note: Chatroom supporters get same benefits as HipForums Annual subscribers.
* All benefits subject to change without notice.

Subscription Info:

We have two subscription options available, Annual and Lifetime as described above.

The price is US$15 for an annual subscription, US$50 for a lifetime subscription to HipForums.
You will receive all the benefits as outlined above, and more to come.

To subscribe please click here. Include your username so your account can be upgraded.