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Privacy Policy

Privacy & Copyright Statement for the Hip Websites*

Privacy Statement
Any personal information submitted privately to HipForums, HipTravelGuide, Hippyland or any Hip Website will be kept confidential and not given out to any other organization or entity, unless required by law (even then we will fight it!).
Any personal information entered onto the website for public view (in forums, postings, etc.) such as names and e-mail addresses will obviously not remain private. There is NO REQUIREMENT for personal information to participate in these sections of the site, except for email address, which can be kept private (see option). Entry of such information is at the poster's discretion. We recommend if you want to retain your privacy that you not enter such personal information. We have no control over who views this website, so just assume that "Big Brother" is watching!

If you are concerned about your privacy (and you should), we suggest you visit the PGP site, where you can download the latest encryption software to protect you and your correspondence from intrusion by even the most sophisticated systems! You can also use proxy servers to hide your true location and identity if you are worried.

Copyright Statement
All artwork and content found on any sites* owned by Hip Inc. are copyright Hip Inc. No part of these sites may be copied or reproduced in any manner without the express permission of Hip Inc. This means you may not copy icons, graphics, photographs, artwork, content, etc. and use in anyway without writing us and getting permission. We have had to notify a number of sites and individuals who have stolen work from our sites to request that the art or content be removed. We have on numerous occasions given permission for certain specific things (for which we have original copyright) to be published elsewhere, especially for educational purposes.

All submissions to the Hip Sites*, including (but not limited to) postings, e-mails, creative works (poetry, stories, etc.), and other such voluntarily contributed material become the property of Hip Inc. to publish on websites owned by Hip Inc., in books or other printed materials published by Hip Inc., in related materials (compilations), advertising materials, and other materials generated by Hip Inc. unless specific instructions otherwise are included with the posting or submission. In other words, by submitting or posting something to any Hip Site* you are conveying a limited right to Hip Inc. to publish the work within Hip Inc.'s publishing domain. You still retain all other rights to your works and can publish them elsewhere if you choose.
It is understood that these contributed works are given freely, to be published by Hip Inc., in whatever manner it chooses without compensation to the author. Hip Inc. by accepting and publishing an author's work does so without charge for reviewing, editing, posting, or maintaining the work on the site or in other publications. It is understood that this free exposure and publication is sufficient compensation to the author.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this privacy statement, copyrights or publishing please contact us.
*Hip Websites includes the HipForums, HipTravelGuide, HipPlanet, HipMarket and Hippyland
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